7 Top Tips To Create Customer Loyalty Online

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Every savvy business understands the value of building lifelong customer relationships. Customer loyalty does not happen overnight, it is by committing to worthwhile best practices. You can build a loyal customer base faster than you think.

Not only will a loyal customer base develop into a consistent source of business, it will also lead to new customers walking through your door.

Here are 7 top tips to create customer loyalty online:

  • Have a great customer service

There’s no doubt that great customer service will lead to return customers. Train your employees right and in-turn, they will give your customers the utmost care and respect. If there is one thing customers remember about their shopping experience, it’s terrible service.

  • Invest in social media

Use social media to keep in touch and engage with your customers. By being on the right networks (where your customers are) and delivering valuable content on a consistent basis, you not only keep your customers in ‘the know’ but also keep them engaged to your brand.

  • Invest in multiple channels

Don’t limit yourself to social media, though. Research your audience to see what they prefer. Maybe they like social media, but also like to receive emails with promotions or discounts. Or, perhaps you could develop a mobile app that will be fun or problem-solving for them whilst keeping them engaged!?

  • Get personal

The online world can be impersonal, so take very opportunity to personalise your services. You can for example display photos of your office or staff on a social media or blog page, write personalised emails with the name of each customer on it, or even send out personalised birthday cards with a special discount or offer. Being personal can go a long way to create customer loyalty.

  • Stay fresh

Having the same old content on your website is a put-off for your customers (and for your Google rankings). So change your homepage frequently with new offers and news. It reassures your customers that your service will be fresh too.

  • Sort out problems

Mistakes can happen in any industry or business. It is the way a business deals with it that makes all the difference. If a mistake happens, correct it promptly. An apology can work wonders. A small gift or a discount might also help smooth out the situation.

  • Make them feel special

Good loyalty programmes should provide genuine and unique rewards. Don’t offer the same things on a loyalty programme that you offer for a first-time customer too. Loyal customers want to feel special (and they should after all, they buy from you time and time again).

The practices needed to promote customer loyalty on a consistent basis are not always easy to implement, so make sure you have a good plan that really works for your specific business and audience.

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