7 Top Tips To Improve Your Business Blog

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If you’re doing things right your business blog should be working to create a buzz around your company, your products, and the services you offer. Even if it’s not having quite the impact you first hoped it would, there are some simple tips to improve your blog marketing strategy.

Give information away for free – Filling your blog with useful information which competitors charge for will put you in customers’ good books and keep you at the forefront of their minds. It will also act as a great advertisement and shows consumers how great you are up front. If you provide something of value to your customers for free they are more likely to use you for paid services in the future.

Guest posting – Accepting content from other experts in your field is a fantastic way to get good quality content which people will want to read for minimum effort. As a bonus the author is likely to share the post throughout their networks, linking to your business blog and increasing traffic. If you find that guest posts get far fewer views than ones you write then consider dropping those in favour of writing guest posts on other sites which can then link to your business blog.

Publish interviews & case studies – Speak to experts in fields related to yours and publish the interview on your business blog to draw in a wider audience. Again, your interviewee is likely to share the post too, but you’ll also be attracting the attention of a whole new set of potential customers. Case studies looking at how customers have used your products & services or highlighting a business relationship can also be of real value to a business blog.

Post regularly – You need to post content to your business blog on a regular basis, otherwise, people will forget about it. Don’t pad it out with sub-standard content, though – if you are struggling to get a post or more up each week then enlist the help of colleagues to keep the blog fresh and interesting.

Don’t just talk about yourself – A business blog should not be used as a sales platform so don’t make every post about your business and products. Talk about issues affecting your industry including technology, politics or anything else your business blog readers are interested in.

Answer questions – When you get an interesting question from a customer or enquirer produce a blog post covering the answer. This will no doubt help other customers who may have had the same query but not got round to asking and will show that you are an expert in the field.

Show personality – Blogs started out as personal diaries so it’s a great place to show that your company and its staff have a personality. Use your business blog to show the faces behind the logo and you will find that the personal touch can attract a lot of new business for you.

As with most forms of online marketing, your business blog is specific to you and your business. What works for someone else might not necessarily work for you so don’t be scared to try new ideas and abandon things which just aren’t working.

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