How To Turn Your Healthcare Clients Into Brand Advocates

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Your healthcare clients can be extremely happy with your service and discuss your business on various social media platforms. However, a brand advocate could take these discussions further.

Brand advocates are the people that are truly passionate about your brand and business; they recommend you to their friends and family whilst promoting your brand and business across multiple channels. Brand advocates are loyal to you — without being asked or compensated. They are clients that have trust and belief in your brand.

The difficult thing however, is that you cannot necessarily create a brand advocate. Clients naturally become brand advocates through the progression of their satisfaction with your services or products and how they represent and promote you as a brand.

Whilst you cannot create a brand advocate from scratch, you can help to turn your current clients in to significant brand advocates.

Here’s our 7 top tips:

1.      Identify current brand advocates

First of all you need to monitor your brand online (if you’re not already doing so) and check if you already have your own brand advocates. You could be amazed by finding that you do! By identifying them you can check who they are, where they write about you, what content from you they share, etc. This can tell you a lot about your social media audience.

2.      Identify potential brand advocates

By monitoring your brand online you can also identify potential brand advocates, i.e. clients that wrote you a positive review in a discussion forum or in a tweet. Connecting with those clients directly could be the only thing missing to turn them into brand advocates. Discussing a brand positively on social media and then to have that brand approach and thank you, is a significant and positive move from the brand. A huge part of social media is about finding and retaining your audience.

3.      Provide an excellent service or product

Healthcare is a very personal matter for each individual client. The best way to turn your clients into brand advocates is to provide an excellent service or product that takes their needs and emotions into consideration, making it a positive experience and not a daunting one.

4.      Provide fantastic customer service

Good quality customer service is crucial from someone working within the healthcare sector. Make sure you provide a fantastic customer service to your clients, be it in person or via email, phone or through social media. Brand advocates are happy with your brand as a whole, so customer service is key.

5.      Interact and engage with clients through social media

If your brand advocates are the ones that write blog posts around products or services, tweet daily about the brands they love, and faithfully follow those brands on Facebook or Twitter. This means you should have an active presence on social media by listening and participating in conversations surrounding your brand or industry. By doing this you’re showing that you’re engaging which will encourage clients to positively write about you.

6.      Share valuable content on social media

Brand advocates don’t just follow your pages on Facebook or Twitter, they actively like, comment and share your content too. Help them promote your brand by providing valuable and interesting content that appeal to your audience and on a regular basis. When they share your content you’ll be able to reach a wider audience of potential followers and clients.

7.      Invite your clients to join your social media brand pages

Don’t just assume that if your clients liked your product or service they’ll search and find you on social media. Make it easier for them by inviting them to join your profiles and letting them know you have an active social media presence. Adding “follow me” buttons on your website, sending an email invitation or adding your Twitter URL to a leaflet will encourage your clients to engage with your on social media.

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