8 Facebook Advertising Tips

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facebook-business-webinarFacebook is an affordable place to advertise, and when used right can be very effectual at reaching out to new and existing customers with your products and services.

Whether you are currently using Facebook ads and want to give your campaign a boost or you are new to advertising within a social media platform, our 8 Facebook advertising tips will help your ad be more effective.

1. Reaching your audience

Facebook insights has a huge amount of information about Facebook users, as an advertiser you can utilise this information to target and reach your audience. If you look at the information about your current Facebook followers such as age, gender, lifestyle, relationship status etc this gives you some metrics to start your Facebook ads when it comes targeting your audience.

2. Match the landing page

As with all online advertising, make sure that your Facebook ad is pointing to a relevant landing page. This will help you get a higher ad relevance score, so you pay less but also help with conversions when users click on the link and find what they expect.

3. Facebook ad testing

It is essential to test and monitor your advertising on Facebook, but make sure you only test one element at a time and see what the results are, other wise you wont know what is working and what is not. For example, take your best ad, make copies of it and change the headline of each version, so have multiple ads that are identical except for the headline that you can test.

4. Choose ad placement

You can choose where your ad is displayed within Facebook, but instead of just choosing news feed right-column ads or going for all news feed ads split test the different ad placements. If you have one campaign with news feed right-column ads, as well as desktop and mobile ads you can run a placement report to find out how they perform.

5. Like campaigns

Whilst Facebook should be more about engagement rather than the number of Likes your page has, if you do want to increase the number of likes, make sure you choose the option to exclude people who already like your page!

6. Geo targeting

You can target your audience geographically to reach specific areas or cities and select the mileage radius around that area to pinpoint the location you are trying to reach. This is good for both local businesses who want to target smaller areas or indeed if you are wanting to test different customer bases further afield.

7. Target followers of similar brands

Targeting followers of specific brands is helpful when you are selling to the same customer base or if you are trying to target the customer base of other non-competing brands in your market sector.

8. Use eye catching images

You need to use attractive images to grab users attentions, although any image used in a Facebook ad can’t contain more than 20% words so bear that in mind when designing posts. You can also use video in your ad and see if this boosts engagement levels and conversions.

Have you got any other Facebook advertising tips you’d like to share, why not let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I find using a combination of ‘paid’ ads for showing off my products, and ‘non paid’ posts for simply sharing information that people might find interesting, a good way to build likes & brand awareness and keep people interacting without having to pay for every advert.

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