8 Tips To Build Your Brand On Instagram

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InstagramInstagram is a social photo sharing platform that launched in 2010 and is now owned by Facebook. Applying your brand values to a social media platform can be tricky but these tips will help you to build your brand presence on Instagram.

1. Be Found

Your account should be public, and therefore the information on it easily searchable. To support your images, use keyword heavy hashtags to increase your posts’ reach. Instagram regularly publish their top 100 most popular hashtags, so check them out and jump on the bandwagon. Websta.me is a quick way to see what is popular on Instagram right now.

h-m-instagramMake a note of the brands that feature in the Top 100 Instagramers and see what you can learn from them. Notably, Nike and H&M feature high up right now.

2. Hunt for reciprocal behaviour

This is a very manual and simple process, but ultimately could be very rewarding. Look for your target audience on Instagram and follow them. Hopefully they will follow you back. Be a bit cheeky, also look through your competitor’s accounts and follow who is following them. As I say, its manual, but you will start to see followback rates increase.

3. Metrics

If you don’t measure your activity and engagement you don’t know if you are hitting your KPIs. Use Iconosquare.com to get key metrics about your Instagram account, including geography. If you are new to Instagram, it can help you to segment your audience, which is helpful to add into your social media strategy documentation.

4. Optimisation

Using Iconosquare’s optimisation section you can see the best times of the day and days of the week to post; also the filters and tags that have had the biggest impact. Look at the trends here and start optimising your future posts based on this data.


If you use Hootsuite, or similar social media management program, you can schedule your posts to fit the times identified to have maximum impact.

5. Influencers

Brand advocates that are outside of your organisation can be a very powerful route to your target audience. Analyse who the major influencers are in your industry on Instagram (are they companies, media professionals, bloggers) and start to engage with them.

Once you have built up a repartee then you could introduce the idea of them promoting your brand. Promoting your brand could be with free shout-outs or you could pay for a partnership over the course of one of your campaigns. Consider influencers who can also provide you with quality photographic content. This will improve your brand image online and save you time with your own content creation.

6. Competitors

With iconosquare you can also track up to 5 of your competitors. This is a paid subscription but at $28.80/annum its not going to break the bank!

7. Good Content

If you have a content marketing strategy in place, you have a great start. If not, just make sure that you are posting content that is one of the below:

  • Interesting
  • Relevant
  • Timely
  • Funny

Quality imagery is important here.

8. Think about the whole Online Journey

Instagram is a great place for inspirational images and making initial connections. However, always keep front of mind that you ultimately want to move your audience to a position where they want to buy your product/solution/service. Make it easy for them to travel on to a well thought out landing page on your website, or at the least to your bio. Look at your objectives for social media, and design CTAs to match.

For more information on advertising on Instagram, go to Instagram for Business. They have some great case studies from top brands.

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