8 types of content that help your franchise on social media

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iStock_000020278226XLarge (1)The key to be successful on social media is delivering relevant and valuable content.

Together with joining the conversations taking place, this is what will engage an audience with your brand. This is true to any franchise business wanting to take advantage of social media networks. Social Media is not about bragging about how wonderful your brand is. Is about providing value through content. Content that is so good that it begs to be shared, that drives more customers into it and creates a buzz to potential franchisees.

Here are 8 types of content that help your franchise on social media:

1. Videos

Videos are heavily used on social media marketing.

You can create corporate videos, “how-to” tutorial videos, funny videos, etc. You don’t need a great budget, but you need to be creative and deliver real value to your audience.

2. Images

Franchise businesses are very local and have loyal customers on each location.

Make sure your social media presence includes photos on each location, includes customers (with their permission), photos of staff, products, surroundings, the shop cat’s, etc, etc. Social media is getting more and more visual and you should take advantage of that.

Be creative, you can even start a Facebook photo competition!

3. Promotions, vouchers, discounts

People love getting free stuff from brands on social media. That’s actually one of the reasons they follow brands on Facebook or Twitter.

You can provide your followers with specific promotions, vouchers and discounts at key times of the year like the holidays or the launch of a new shop or product, or just do offer something if they start following you.

4. Content for potential franchisees

It’s a good idea to also develop specific content for people that are interested in becoming franchisees: videos, news about your development efforts, new location openings, etc.

You should know the most FAQ your franchisees ask before they become franchisees. So create content around those questions in order to do your franchisee recruitment.

5. Competitions

Competitions are a great way of keeping your followers engaged  and also to attract new followers and potential customers

Just make sure your competitions are fun, simple and have a good prize. You can do monthly or weekly competitions based on photos or other ideas.

6. How-to info

Show you’re an expert on your field by delivering great content that will help your potential customers:


Tutorials (Youtube videos)

Guides on how to solve a problem or do something funny

Articles (from your Blog)

Top Tips

Twitter chats

News about the industry

7. Behind-the-scenes

People love to know what’s hidden behind the scenes. So, show them.

Show your offices, your staff events, staff photos, shops, how products are made, etc. This will give your brand a more “human” tone and will make people relate and connect to you.

Remember, people connect to people on social media, not to brands.

8. Industry news

On any industry is key to be on top of the game and this means being up-to-date with all that it’s happening in the industry and also about the economic landscape.

Provide this type of information to your followers as well, linking to your Blog or to other well-renowned sources. This will be helpful for your customers and also to your potential franchises showing you as an informed franchise business on top of its game.

Very often potential good franchisees need key information in order to take a decision to go ahead with working with your business. Why not step ahead and provide them yourself with that information?

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