Increase your Email List Signups

8 Ways To Increase Your Email List Signups

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 02 May 2016 by Cheryl
Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective and simple way to get your products and services in front of existing and potential customers. Acquiring subscribers to sign up to your email lists can prove a little harder. Our email boxes get filled with spam and unwanted emails on a daily basis, which is why users are more aware than ever of subscribing to emails.

If you want visitors to connect with your business via email, here’s some ways you can increase your email list signups while assuring users that your email marketing means business, not spam.

1. Add a Signup Box to Your Website

If visitors are on your website they’ve already taken the decision that you have something of interest to them. Therefore a prominently placed email sign up ‘call to action’ on your website can be very effective. This can be featured on every page in addition to your Contact Us/About Us pages, ideally placed in the navigation within your header or footer content. An email subscribe banner on the homepage works well too.

2. Add Opt-in Link to Your Email Signature

Think of all the emails your business sends in a day to both existing customers and potential leads. Adding a signup call to action link in your email signature is a great opportunity to get your email recipients to sign up to receive your newsletter, offers etc.

3. Offer an Incentive

You can entice visitors to sign up to your emails by offering an incentive such as “Sign Up Now and Get 20% Online Discount” for example. A signup button on your Checkout page with an offer for next time they shop works well and rewards loyalty.

4. Add Links to Social Media Accounts & Blogs

There’s a number of ways you can promote your email lists within social media. Try adding a link in your company bio to a landing page or promote an email list within a post to encourage users to sign up if they are interested in a particular product or service.

Facebook have a highly visible call to action button which you can add to your cover photo to encourage Signups. Don’t forget to remind blog readers that they can sign up and receive your latest blogs!

5. Email Content & Frequency

Start as you mean to go on, and try to allay the big fear when users sign up by telling them exactly what they can expect and the frequency of your email marketing. Use wording such as “Join and get our free Daily Updates” or “Signup for our weekly Style Tips” or “Receive our Monthly Newsletter”.

6. Offline Signups

You can also collect email addresses by asking people to signup in store, a short form to complete at the till works well after they’ve made a purchase. You can also offer an incentive here or a discount off their next purchase. If you host or attend events such as trade shows, when you speak with visitors ask if they’d like to sign up.

7. Add a Pop-Up to Your Website

Signup pop-ups within your website design are a good idea, but make it quick to read and ideally just one or two fields to keep it simple. It is essential to make a big and easy-to-click X to close the box for those don’t want to join.

8. Test for Best Results

Testing what is most effective at getting users to sign up to your email lists is easy and lets you know when you get it right. Sometimes just changing the colour of the call to action button can have a big effect on results. Try to avoid basic wording “SignUp” or “Subscribe” and be inventive with your text to entice email subscribers.

It makes sense to increase your email list signups and attract new customers and generate business, what has worked well for you?

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