A Few Things We Learnt From The 2018 Facebook F8 Keynote

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Facebooks yearly conference F8, was no disappointment this year with lots of exciting new features proposed for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Here are some of our favourite takeaways from F8.

1, FaceDate

The biggest piece of news to come is that Facebook is launching a dating feature where you can make a profile that’s only visible to non-friends who’ve also opted into looking for love. Facebook will match you based on all its the data you have on Facebook, and messaging will happen in a dedicated inbox rather than Messenger.

Facebook wants to drive “meaningful connections,” and it doesn’t get more meaningful than introducing you to your life partner. Facebook will have to be careful to keep everything private, as people already think it’s creepy or uncool. But investors will love it, considering Tinder parent company Match Group’s share price fell 22 percent this week…

2, Clear History

The ‘Clear History’ Function is a new privacy feature which allows all users to delete any Facebook has collected from sites and apps that use its advertising and analytics tools. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and questions over Facebook and its potential misuse of data, something like this tool was bound to come about and this addition to Facebook could take some of the pressure of Zuckerberg to regulate how Facebook use personal data.

3, Instagram Video Chat

Video chat is being added to everything lately and Instagram is the latest to receive the functionality. Instagram is quickly becoming the most popular social media channel so adding a video chat feature was almost inevitable for a company trying to grow.

Not only have Instagram added a Video Chat function but they have also tightened up their anti-bullying pursuit, with a new filter to protect users from ‘bullying comments’. Another smart move from Zuckerberg who could receive praise for making the network a safer place.

4, Messenger Translation and night mode

Facebook is starting to test new features in its messenger app. The first new addition is the ability to translate conversations, whilst at the moment it may only English-Spanish conversations in the U.S. it’s still could prove to be an important function and most definitely is a step in the right direction for Zuckerberg’s dream of bringing the world closer through Facebook.

Facebook has also confirmed that It’s working on a night mode/dark mode version of its messenger service. The simple idea is swapping the white and blue to black and grey similar to that of Twitter. Whilst we aren’t sure when it will be arriving, Facebook did say it would be “very, very soon”.

5, Oculus Go is on sale now

Whilst it may not be directly involved with Facebook or much to do with Social Media, it is still important. The Facebook-owned company, Oculus, have launched their cheap yet capable VR headset ‘Go’. The headset costs $199 and the main benefit of this headset is that there is no need to insert a mobile phone into it like you have to with other VR headsets. However, this is owned by Facebook so it’s likely that everything will point you towards going to Facebook and using more of their services!

There were many more additions to Facebook and its other platforms including Facebook re-opening its app review process for the first time since it paused it after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. It has also launched VR memories and 3D photos allowing you to view your Facebook Memories through VR. It was also announced at the F8 Keynote that WhatsApp has now hit 450 million stories users, which is yet another knife in the back of Snapchat which has lately seen its slowest growth rate ever.


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