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A Timeline Of Google My Business Changes – 2018 Edition

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 30 Aug 2018 by Pooja Shevade

2018 saw some huge changes to Google My Business. From videos to posts and much more.

If you have missed out on the updates from Google, fear not! Here is a quick timeline of all the changes to GMB so far in 2018.

Videos Come To Google My Business  – January 3, 2018

The option to upload videos to a Google My Business listing showed up in the Google My Business dashboard.


Add An Opening Date In Google My Business – February 1, 2018

Google starts prompting businesses to add the date their business opened via the Google My Business dashboard.

Google My Business Adds Services Field – April 5, 2018

You can add the name of your service, description, and how much it costs.  It’s not available for all categories and is still rolling out so you will probably see it in some accounts and not others.


Google My Business Launches Offer Posts – May 15, 2018

Google has added two new Google Posts types within Google My Business for products and/or offers.

Product posts allow you to add details about a particular product you sell. With offer posts, you can describe promotional sales or offers from your business. Here are screenshots for each:



Google My Business Launches A Dashboard For Agencies – June 5, 2018

Google has announced that the Agency Dashboard for Google My Business Pages is now live. This will make it easier for agencies to manage multiple Google listings in a simpler and efficient manner. Earlier a single GMB account could manage up to 100 locations but now Agency accounts can manage unlimited locations. Agencies can register here to gain access to the new dashboard.

Here are some key features of the Agency Dashboard, according to Google:

Google My Business “Queries” Are Added To Insights  – July 2, 2018

Google has started to roll out a feature inside Google My Business Insights that tells you the top queries people used to find your business. This used to be in the dashboard back when Google Places existed.  Google has confirmed that this is not a test and will be rolling out to everyone soon.

Google Adds A “Call Button” To Google Posts – July 12, 2018

Google is now allowing you to add a “Call Now” button as the call-to-action on a Google Post.  Previously, it only allowed you to add a link to a page on your website.

Google Now Notifies You When New Listings Go Live – July 17, 2018

Google is now sending notifications for non-agency accounts when new listings go live on search.

Change to GMB Insights – August 13, 2018

Google makes a change to GMB Insights that allows Google to include more places where customers find you. For example queries like this pick up data from GMB

Do you have any other GMB updates that we can add to the timeline? Do let us know in the comments section below. If you would like help with your SEO, contact us and our expert team can help!

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  1. Hi Pooja,
    this is very useful indeed, thank you. Please keep up the good work with each future change / update.
    I am scratching my head a little bit here, I have a client with about 60 branches, each of them have their own GMB. I manage those via a central login and pull the data from GMB insights into Data Studio.
    Following the August 13th update I have seen a dramatic jump in Direct Searches – we’re talking 2k up to 5k / day! This suggests a change in how Google define ‘Direct Search’. There was some info on their blog saying a change was made that may impact some users… but not much more info. Any insight on what changed here on the reporting end of things?

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