Affluent Consumers Are The Most Prominent Of All UK Digital Users

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A recent study conducted by eMarketer highlighted that affluent consumers in the UK dominate the online world and are the most active of all digital users. Not only does the report suggest that the more affluent demographic (AB) spend more time per week on the internet than any other social group, it also demonstrates that they are more active online than any other demographic whilst at home, in the workplace, in education or elsewhere. This information could be incredibly beneficial for businesses looking to target this demographic as it demonstrates the opportunity to reach this audience via a well-executed digital marketing strategy.

Graph 1

The figures indicate that the AB demographic spends an average total of 21 hours per week online, 4.2 hours above the national average, and that of that time:

  • 11.7 hours are whilst at home (0.8 above average)
  • 7.3 hours are in the workplace/place of education (3.2 above average)
  • 2.0 hours are elsewhere (0.2 above average)

Demonstrating that despite a busy lifestyle, AB profiles are still able to find time to use the internet, perhaps via the use of mobile devices as the research shows that of all digital users, the more affluent consumers are the most prominent of all segments using smartphones, meaning that companies looking to target this group should consider creating a mobile optimised website in order to successfully reach this mobile demographic.

Graph 2

The report also used data collected by Ofcom to explore which percentage of each demographic admitted to using the internet at least once a week for various activities, the research found that amount of AB profiles using the internet once a week for:

  • Communication was 92%
  • General browsing was 87%
  • Entertainment was 49%
  • Transactions was 61%
  • Social networking was 53%
  • Work/studies was 60%
  • News was 43%
  • Public/civic sector was 33%
  • Leisure information was 30%
  • Health was 12%

The percentage of AB profiles who admitting to using the internet at least one a week for each category was above the national average with the exception of one activity, social networking. Clearly, this is something that is less of a priority to this demographic and companies looking to target AB profiles might want to avoid social media as a marketing tool and concentrate on improving search engine rankings for pages in which transactions can be completed.


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