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After the frenzy of the Instagram, video introduction had calmed we weren’t surprised to see that Vine had answered back with a Vine update and arrival of several new features. With Instagram now offering the opportunity to post both photos and stop-frame videos with the trusty filter effects, it was easy to see why many users would neglect Vine in favour of a platform that could do it all for you. However, Vine came back with a handful of features and updates to make the app more user-friendly and to remind us of just why we should keep on posting great content on their network.

The Vine update is being described by the company as their ‘biggest update yet’, and the timing of the announcement cannot be a coincidence. Vine have stuck to what they’re good at without trying to compete with Instagram by adding fancy filters and effects, instead the Vine update reiterates what they do best – most notably a significant push on how users can increase their Vine’s popularity.

So, down to the details of the Vine update. In terms of video quality, you will now see a grid in the camera screen as well as a focus tool and – one of our favourite parts of the Vine update – a new ghost tool which allows you to look at the previous frame. This makes the stop-frame videos easier than ever to make. In terms of reaching your videos out to more people, they have added 15 new channels to upload to, adding these channels means there is a higher chance videos on your Vine channel getting seen as there is less competition in each category. This is also coupled with the addition of an ‘explore’ screen which can help you to find new videos and Viners, as well as the opportunity to ‘ReVine’ others videos with a single click. For Viners who have accounts for personal use, the sharing options included in the new Vine update may seem slightly exposing, but not to worry, Vine have now added a protected account option too.

On a more technical level, cache control has been improved, hashtag searching is much faster, crashes have been fixed and the app now takes up less disk space. These simple changes make all the difference as part of the Vine update and make for a much faster, more efficient and incredibly easy video creating app.

Let us know what you think of the vine update – we for one will continue using the app. Congratulations, Vine.

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