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Google just launched Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps, and just like the web version, it’s free to use.

What does it mean?

You can publish your apps a single time, change configurations, and add analytics, remarketing and conversion tracking without updating it. You are now able to add tags to Android and iOS apps!

You can include the Google Analytics Services (SDK) in your app, you can also do this after the app has been installed, which is great news! This unified service includes Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics function whilst sharing a common framework.

Google Tag Manager Product Manager Russell Ketchum says: “The surprisingly static nature of Mobile Apps creates significant problems,” he adds. “Forget to add an event to a key button press? Tough! Need to add conversion tracking for a last minute campaign? Too bad! Realize you need to change an important configuration setting? Sorry, not possible… that is, until now!”

Now, rather than waiting until you push an update, you can simply update it once with Google Tag Manager for Mobile apps, and then modify as needed without having to update the app further, which is very handy for both marketers, app users, and developers.

With more and more marketing focused on mobile, Google is ensuring marketers and developers continue to use its own services for their mobile projects.

The new tag manager for mobile apps uses the same templates, rules, and macros as Google Tag Manager. To use it, include the new Google Analytics SDK in your app and then push events to the data layer. More information is available on Google’s Tag Manager website.

Are you already taking advantage of this new Google feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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