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shutterstock_85762501It’s important for every business to find out where the people in their target markets hang out. Being visible in newsfeeds and in promoted posts on the top social media apps continues to be a priority for 2015. Which apps are going to steal the limelight this year? Where should you be promoting your business in 2015?

At SocialB we still make sure our training programmes cover the big social media giants like. Despite predictions of the demise of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in the wake of separate messaging apps, they still top our chart, for now.  Our top 10 social media apps for 2015 also includes a heads up on the challenger apps that have gained ground by tapping into the privacy and messaging needs of younger audiences.

10. Quicket

Imagine being able to check out your fellow passengers on an upcoming flight before choosing your seat! Now marvel at this innovative check-in app that harnesses the data on Facebook to arm plane seat connoisseurs with cabin-mate profiles.

9. Unmetric

Let this app advise you on your next digital marketing move based on the most successful social media campaigns currently dazzling Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. Tap into what potential customers are getting excited about so that your strategy is always in tune with your target market.

8. Ello

As an antidote to the clutter of adverts on Facebook, Ello promises an ad-free social networking experience and doesn’t sell user data. This said, you can expect to be offered some of its features on a premium basis in the near future.

7. Every me

One of many new social apps which allows you to segment your socialising by the groups of people in your life. It will ring a bell if you are a fan of Google+ circles but seems a little more intuitive with separate newsfeeds for the footy team, your workmates or any important clan in your life.

6. Secret

If you have to get something off your chest, and really don’t want anyone to know you’ve said it, Secret is here to help you offload. Type your heart out and share without a trace of your identity travelling with it. Anonymity has become a must have for young people looking to future-proof their past posts.

5. Snapchat

Continuing the trend of letting us cover our tracks is this ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ phenomenon. Whatever you post vanishes after it’s been viewed. It’s caught the imagination of a wide range of audiences and with the arrival of its new Snapcash feature; the business world is waking up to its potential.

4. What’s App

With the flexibility to work across all major smartphones, using your existing data plan, WhatsApp has given us a fabulous freebie texting service. It’s also put pay to pricey MMS messages. Its encryption has landed the app in ‘blackberry messenger’ style hot water with the UK government this year.

3. Linkedin

With so many new business collaborations and jobs changing hands on this well established network every day, this newsfeed, business chat and CV combo is still a must have. Will 2015 see a worthy contender emerge for professionals?

2. Twitter 

140 characters of brilliant. Tweeting is truly mainstream for marketing and recreation. It’s opened up better analytics and leveraged promoted tweets without us leaving in droves. Twitter brought us the hashtag and a sentence-framed window into the lives of the famous. It’s unlikely to be fading away from our devices anytime soon.

1. Facebook

It’s fallen out of favour with young people of late and it’s no secret that the arrival of parents and grandparents at the party has kicked off the exodus. That said, if your target market is still sharing holiday snaps and witty statuses, you’ll still find it useful to stay in their newsfeeds in 2015.

Here at SocialB we can help you prioritise the apps and social networks you need to focus on for your next campaign. Give us a call, we’re happy to help.

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