Are You Attracting The Right Audience On Twitter?

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new_twitter_logoIt’s hardly a secret that Twitter is a hugely powerful tool for any size of business. The secret lies in how to harness that power. Here at SocialB we work hard to offer you regular how-to guides, helping you to further your business via Twitter and other social media platforms. On today’s blog, we discuss “Are you attracting the right audience on Twitter?” and offer you three ways you can check.

We ask many people on our training courses what their aims are when they began on Twitter. One of the most frequent responses is: “lots of followers”. Correct, in a sense, but what is the use in having 5,000 followers for instance when only 100 of them engage with your content? Better still, how about you have 500 followers, of which almost 75% engage with your tweets. We’d prefer the latter – quality not quantity is the name of the game!

So today, ask yourself: “Are you attracting the right audience on Twitter?” Here are SocialB’s three ways to check:

1. Research relevant people and see if they are following you

After creating a strong bio for yourself with good visual branding and a link to your website – you need to put your Twitter account out there and tell other users about yourself. In finding and following your target demographic, people from your chosen geographic location and fellow business owners aligned with yours, you should receive a number of follows in return.

Use Twitter directories, local magazine and blogs to find key industry influencers on Twitter. Chances are these people have as much interest in you as you do in them. This is a great starting point for gathering a number of useful followers and increasing your audience. Don’t forget to engage other users too; they are far more likely to follow back!

2. See if you have been added to any lists

The list function is often overlooked but can be used to huge advantage. Lists are curated by users who may be interested in a particular field or in a particular location. For instance, one could create a list entitled “Bloggers Cambridge” and then research local bloggers, adding them to their list as they go. This list could then be shared amongst online communities, and if made public, can become a local resource.

You can check if you have been chosen for any lists by clicking your icon in the top right-hand corner, then selecting ‘lists’ then ‘Member of’. You can see which lists you have been added to, and who has added you.  If you are included on certain lists – great! This means you have attracted attention from the Twitter community and have been posting relevant information. This is a great way to know you are attracting the right kind of Twitter audience. If not, research lists to which you think you have something to offer, and engage with the curator, this could really increase your number of followers if they include you.

3. Share and share alike

Engagement is key on Twitter. If used properly Twitter can generate a large audience base rather rapidly. By consistently tweeting relevant and interesting content surrounding your product or service, you will build up a loyal and high-quality audience. Trust will develop in your brand on Twitter; a well-managed account gives businesses the opportunity to become the go-to authority on a certain industry, or for a certain product.

Have you found the above helpful? Do you think you are attracting the right audience on Twitter? Tweet us @SocialBuk and let us know!


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