Are you making these 5 social media mistakes?

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Social Media Mistakes croppedNowadays, social media marketing is no longer a question for most businesses, but is actually a real and very important part of their overall marketing strategy to reach a wider audience

From small companies to large corporations, from just using one or two social media networks to using many platforms and strategies, social media marketing helps businesses connect, interact and drive their business goals forward.

There is plenty of good information about social media marketing available online and, if you have been regularly following our blog, you will already be aware of many good tips and strategies you can incorporate. But even with so much information available, there are some common mistakes that businesses tend to make in regards to social media.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. You expect too much too soon

Many businesses think that they will get amazing results very quickly and get discouraged when, after a few weeks, they realise things are happening but progress is a bit slow. They then tend to post less and engage less which potentially leads to not having any results at all in the long run.

Businesses need to be consistent and give it time. Basically, they need to commit to several months of engaging, posting and sometimes advertising on social media in order to get results.

Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. Just like in real life, it takes time to build trust, reputation and strong relationships with customers and influencers. If you’re getting results, even if slowly, keep going!

2. Not having goals

Many businesses start out in social media without having previously set up any goals.

Goals are one of the most important things of a social media strategy. Just like in any other marketing strategy, you need to understand what you want to achieve and the results you want to get.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re not going anywhere, right?

Take time to sit down and write your social media goals, which should also be aligned with your other marketing and business goals.

3. Not having a tailored strategy

Even if you have your very own defined goals in regards to social media, you won’t achieve them without a tailored strategy.

It’s not enough to just start a Facebook page just because your competitor has one. First you need to research your customers and understand if Facebook is even the best channel for you, or if there are other channels where you could be more successful.

Taking the time to create a social media strategy that is tailored to your own needs, goals and industry, is one of the most important steps in a social media marketing strategy.

4. Not participating in conversations

Many businesses deliver and share valuable information on a daily basis, which is great, yet they fail to research and participate in the conversations taking place.

Not only conversations in their own pages, responding to comments and questions, but also searching for conversations related to relevant keywords and where they could add something valuable (and links to their own website) and reach a wider audience.

Setting some time aside every week to be more proactive and interactive is what social media is all about.

5. Not measuring

Many businesses do indeed have a sound social media marketing strategy, and are very active on social media every day, but they still fail to measure their results.

Either they don’t know how to effectively measure or they don’t see the value in measuring.

The truth is, measuring is key in your strategy. It’s basically how you know if you’re reaching your goals, what is working and what’s not working. You can measure different types of things and be as general or as specific as you wish, even measuring the engagement and reach of a single post. But you need to know!

A social media strategy is not set in stone; looking at your stats will help you in making necessary changes and driving your strategy forward.

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