Are You Using Groups As Part Of Your LinkedIn Strategy?

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shutterstock_96920537LinkedIn industry groups are a great place for professionals in the same trade to find other like-minded individuals to share content, views etc and create themselves as industry experts.

As a business or indeed a brand, you should also be including industry groups as part of your LinkedIn strategy. Taking advantage of this essential part of LinkedIn is a lot easier than you think too!

Join Industry Groups

Sounds obvious but you have to start somewhere. Identify and join the LinkedIn industry groups where your current and prospective customers are and then start talking ‘content’.

By creating interest articles (how to’s, trade secrets, product stories and guides are all popular), you can get noticed in your field of business and establish your brand as a leader in the industry.   When people feel you know what you’re talking about and can see you are experienced, they are more likely to trust you and become your next customer. It is important to remember not to flaunt your products and services, though, this should be done naturally and let your content speak for itself.

Create Your Own Group

Creating your own LinkedIn group is a good idea especially if you have a specific group of people you are trying to reach or a very niche market. It allows you to facilitate the connections and you can choose whether to have an open group or members only. This method may take longer to see results as building the group can take time but should be part of your LinkedIn strategy.

Get Recommendations

A company page on LinkedIn lets a business list their products and services so LinkedIn users can recommend them. Through LinkedIn industry groups, you can post ‘group announcements’ with a link to your company page encouraging customers and individuals to recommend your services.

Conduct Market Research

As with Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to create polls to conduct market research. It’s an extremely cheap and fast way to research your market, so even the simplest of questions such as which colour is your favourite for a certain product can be thrown out there. Alongside, the great feedback you will also connect with potential customers.

You’ll also find that generally people like to be asked their opinion, it makes them feel important and they consider they matter. It’s a great way to build relationships; you can even write an article about the results and post this too.

Finally, a handy tip is not to overdo Linked industry groups, as with anything in the social media world try to focus on several key groups and do the job well. If you spread yourself too thin your contribution is going to be limited. The more groups you join does not necessarily mean the more business you will pick up. Stick to a few and do the job well and you will find you make strong connections and raise the profile of your business.

If you know your stuff and feel you can be an influencer in your industry then LinkedIn industry groups should definitely be part of your LinkedIn strategy.

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