How Social Media Can Attract Members To Your Association

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Business_presentation_byVectorOpenStockThis year we have been watching a massive increase in Associations starting to use social media as part of their marketing strategy.

There are countless benefits for an Association to use social media such as brand awareness, connecting with industry influencers, and attract the right members.

Attracting the right members is crucial for any Association because their ultimate goals are not only to attract them but to engage and retain them.

How exactly can social media help you on this goal of attracting the right members?

We show you three ways that can happen:

1. Being where your potential right members are

There are hundreds of social media networks, from the most well-known like Facebook or Twitter to other more specific and niche channels.

Being on the right networks basically means you don’t need to be on all of them or all the more well-known ones. You just need to be where your targeted audience is, which, in other words, means you need to be where the right potential members area.

This means you need to do your research before embarking on a social media channel. Do searches by keywords and /or hashtags to find out if there are conversations taking place around your niche or industry.

By doing these searches, you can even find out about specific niche forums or channels you didn’t know about and where engaging with their users means attracting the right potential members.

2. Engage with your potential right members

After you identify exactly where your audience is and start your business profiles there, it’s time to start searching, listening and engaging in the conversations taking place.

Social media is the place where you can have real-time conversations with potential members about topics related to your Association and/or industry. By providing them with value in your responses, you can start to create brand awareness, form relationships and attract potential members to your website, that are the right members for you.

No other marketing strategy gives you this perfect opportunity to reach and connect directly with your audience, developing strong relationships and starting word-of-mouth.

3. Educating your potential right members

Besides engaging in conversations, social media is also about delivering great content to your audience.

You can and should share content from others, like industry influencers or journalists in your industry, but the key thing to do is create your own original content that delivers real value to your potential members.

It can be tutorials, videos, whitepapers, images, ebooks, blog posts, and other materials. They need to address hot topics or issues, be relevant, problem-solving or even inspirational or amusing.

Basically, they need to provide real value to your specific audience and also have the right keywords in it, so you can attract and engage them, being one step further of becoming members.

Over to you

Are you an Association currently using social media? Share with us how is helping you attracting the right members.

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