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Influencer Marketing

Ambassadors or influencers are words for people who spread good news about how great your business and products are via word of mouth, today it’s done online through social media channels, blogs or podcasts.

Whilst simple in theory, the boost that an organisation can get from harnessing the influence from respected and trusted third parties is vast. It is far more trusted than what a brand says about themselves.

Many B2B brands are working successfully with influencers, but have you thought of looking closer to home for your B2B influencers.  If you’re looking to add the human touch and some serious credibility to your brand, here’s two examples of B2B influencer marketing examples that have inspired and struck a cord with me recently:-


Don’t under estimate your closest influencers? Your Employees!

Cory Edwards, Head of Adobe’s Social Business Center of Excellence, noticed one of their employees was driving more revenue through his own social media channels than Adobe’s own branded Twitter channel. This led Cory to the conclusion that when it comes to B2B influencer marketing and brand ambassadors, Adobe’s own employees were the best people at shouting about the brand. The Adobe Social Shift Program was then launched, which helps employees utilise their own social media to raise awareness for the brand.

Adobe now encourages its employees to post on LinkedIn, Glassdoor and their own blog. This saw Adobe’s online traffic from 400 visitors to 10,000 a month.

What can we learn from Adobe? 

Harnessing the voices of your own employees can lead to, not only raising the awareness of your brand, but motivating and empowering employees at the same time.

Our employees are our biggest asset, by supporting and acknowledging their work, loyalty and dedication, your brand can benefit tenfold.


Dr. Konnie Alex, Head of B2B Influencer Relations at Dell Technologies have launched Dell Luminaries. This is an influencer hosted business podcast featuring conversations with technology visionaries. Influencer hosts Mark Schaefer & Doug Karr invite you to join them on an IT transformation expedition and are described as “phenomenal digital storytellers and bring the outside-in view into every episode, every conversation with every guest with a deep commitment to and appreciation of our combined audiences.”

Dell also works with influencers like Tamara McCleary, Daniel Newman and Oliver Christie to author blog posts, do podcast interviews and attend Dell events.

What can we learn from Dell?

Dell has successfully built solid relationships with a core group of influencers in addition to partnering with two key industry influencers.  By utilising internal influencers from across the different companies that make up Dell Technologies, they have effectively created their own influencers on subject matters that are of interest to Dell customers.

Do you have a dedicated Tweeter, a talented podcaster or a potential rising LinkedIn star hiding amongst your employees? Looking within your organisation could be the answer to creating influencer content which can become a powerful force in your B2B influencer marketing mix.

I’d love to hear of any B2B influencer marketing examples that have inspired you recently.

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