From Confused to Customer: How To Become A Trusted Go-to Brand

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The problem with the internet in 2018 is:

There are too many websites doing the same thing.

In a world where competitors are left, right and centre, how do you become the go-to brand for your industry?

Let’s go through 5 ideas you can include in your strategy:

#1 Be Transparent Through Content

Think of your brand as a person. Now ask yourself the question:

“What would this person have to say to me to make me trust that they are professional and passionate in what they do?”

The answer is what you need to communicate in your website’s content.

Your company’s about page should be as transparent as possible. If people are parting way with their hard-earned money, they want to be guaranteed minimal risk. Use this page as an opportunity to communicate your passion for what you do (i.e. solving customer’s specific problem).

#2 Dedicate Yourself To Constant Communication

Noone likes a bad shopping experience. Fewer people like a company that won’t take ownership of its mistakes and offer to fix the problem.

Practising good communication throughout the whole customer journey will help set you apart as a trustworthy company that genuinely cares about its customers.

Good practices include:

  • Shipping update emails;
  • Purchase confirmation emails;
  • Replying to negative and positive comments/reviews;
  • Responding to enquiries quickly.

#3 Reward Your Most Loyal Customers

Loyalty schemes and discounts are a great way of thanking your repeat customers for choosing your business.

It’s much easier (and cheaper) to gain work through customers you’ve already built a rapport with (they also make for great word-of-mouth recommendations). So take full advantage of making an already happy customer even happier.

#4 Shout About Your Successes

Case studies, testimonials and previous work galleries all reduce the risk in a customer’s mind. Anyone can write a paragraph about how amazing their last kitchen installation went, but to show before & after photos with a legitimate testimonial from the happy customer will go a lot further to prove your competency as a company.

Feature your best work on your homepage and aim to take (at least) something away from all projects you work on or customers you ship to.

#5 Practice Recommended Trust-building Exercises

This month (June 2018) is our ‘trust building’ month at SocialB.

As trust plays a huge role in who people decide to buy their products and services from, you should aim to practice trust-building exercises that will help propel you above your competitors who aren’t taking advantage of becoming a more transparent brand.

For a list of our top recommendations, see this blog we wrote on our top 5 Trust Indicators To Build Credibility For Your Website.

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