Boost Your Conversion Rates With Creative Imagery

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Have you ever been on a website with poor quality images that don’t support your buying decision? You may have been really keen on the price of a certain product online, however, couldn’t be confident enough to buy due to the fact the images were not top quality or it just displayed the box the product came in.

Here at SocialB we want to help small, medium and large organisations with hints and tips that could be time savers and work on developing. Check out the below 5 tips and see how to boost your conversion rates with proper imagery.

1. Quality

It can very often be all too easy to just use a stock image to fill a gap. However, it’s important to consider a number of elements. The first is the audience, you’re not placing an image on the site for your benefit you’re adding it to support the user experience. Therefore is the image relevant, realistic and honest. Users are becoming ever savvier and many know a stock image when they see one.

2. Get emotional

Very often marketing is about being ‘human’, touching those audiences with sentiment and honest content. Make sure images showcase your personal side and emotion. An image portraying a positive happy scene could bring out positive emotions in your audiences.

3. Think outside the box

Digital marketing commonly takes on an ‘anything is possible’ vision. What are all your competitors doing? Can you beat that? Consider a 360-degree spin function for products, show the item in action, run how to video content. Go the extra mile.

4. Authenticate

More and more people are buying from word of mouth marketing, reviews, and recommendations. Consider adding reviews and friendly customer faces. This could support the decision to go ahead and buy. Users want to be confident in their purchases. If the wrong decision is made then that could then risk a high return rate.

5. Testing

As with any changes or optimisation, testing is imperative. Review your activity in the here and now, what are the issues, how can they be overcome, optimise and then test.

If you need help with any of our 5 tips on how to boost your conversion rates with proper imagery or need a little advice give us a Tweet @SocialBuk with any questions.

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