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Yesterday, the ‘Social Vote’ returned to the BRIT Awards ceremony. For the second year running, the BRITs handed the deciding vote for Best British Video over to Twitter and music fans. Using an exclusive Twitter poll involving individual hashtags for each nominee, the BRITs let fans determine the winner of the Best British Video Award.

Now, the stats are in; 2014 may have broken ground for the Social Vote on the BRIT Awards, but 2015, twitter revealed, has taken Twitter by storm.Twitter Music 5m mentions

In 2014, Social Media giant, Twitter, revealed that the BRITs became the most tweeted about TV show ever, in the UK, smashing all their records with a massive 2.17 million posts. During the show, a further 2 million messages were sent by music fans for the award ceremony’s first Twitter live vote. That’s over 16,000 tweets per second!

This year’s stats, however, truly take centre stage. Yesterday, before the ceremony had even begun, twitter had already tracked the buzz surrounding the ceremony, counting 11 million tweets with #BRITs2015. To top that off, an incredible 5 million votes were cast during the show, more than double last year’s numbers, and over 41,000 tweets per second!

Even the nominees themselves took to the social media platform, to promote their videos and encourage their thousands of fans to vote. The responses in ‘Retweets’ and ‘Favourites’ speak for themselves. These artists’ dedicated fans helped them to promote themselves and their videos. Sam Smith’s plea to his fans is friendly and familiar, a great tone for Twitter.

It was One Direction’s fans, however, who took their act to the top spot, winning the award for Best British Video. On hearing the news, the band tweeted to their loyal fans straight away, to thank them for their support and votes. It’s this kind of engagement that maintains their loyal following.

1D SS Collage

So, how does it work?

There were two stages to the vote for the ‘British Artist Video of the Year Award’ for the BRIT Awards 2015:

Stage one of the vote started during the show ‘The BRIT’s are coming’ some 6 weeks before the actual ceremony. During stage one, registered users of Twitter were able to vote from a list of 10 nominees. The hashtags for each video were revealed both on the show, and on Twitter. One nominee was unceremoniously ousted from the running, via a #FarewellFriday Twitter hashtag, each Friday from then until the ceremony. Five of the original 10 nominees were then shortlisted to go head to head during the live show last night, on February 25th.

Stage two of the vote began at the start of the BRIT Awards ceremony last night, on 25th February. During stage two, registered users of Twitter were able to vote from the shortlist of 5 nominees. Whichever nominee received the most votes in this time, via their unique hashtag, won the award.

Why do we love it?

Black iPhoneEngagement. The BRITs have cracked it. Within the space of 2 hours, 5 million Twitter users jumped onto the individual act hashtags, and 11 million and counting are using #BRITs2015.

One of the fundamental rules to social media is to engage your audience, and create a two-way dialogue. Getting your audience to interact with your brand, and making them feel involved is the best way to create loyal customers, and even brand advocates.

Giving your audience a feeling of involvement and power over the direction that your brand is taking will make them feel valued and will make them feel their voice is being heard.

And, of course, this is a great example of how Twitter and all social media platforms are growing, year on year, showing us that it is ever more crucial to meet our consumers where they are hanging out, in order to connect with them.

Did you vote in the BRITs? What do you think of the Social Vote? Let us know in the comments below.

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