Can You Upsell On E-commerce Websites?

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 02 Nov 2015 by Emily

According to forecasters, by 2016 there will be 1.32 billion digital buyers across the globe. With online retail figures increasing significantly year on year you could be mistaken to believe that simply having your products available to purchase online is enough.

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The online retail space is crowded and that’s only going to increase, as people fight to be seen by digital buyers who are now less loyal than ever but driven by price, convenience and delivery costs.

So when you get the eyes of digital buyers on your website how can you increase the spend in their shopping cart before they click ‘checkout’? Let’s look at some great upsell examples you should consider

Upselling by customers

Using your customers for upselling can add huge value to your shopping cart value. Amazon is a great example of this, whenever you look at a product they will always show you other items people often purchased at the same time.

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If people have looked at a product on your website it means they are interested. If they have purchased a product from you, its means they trust your organisation so why not try and upsell other products. If, for example, someone purchases a flight, why not start targeting them travel insurance or hotel offers via remarketing ads?

Useful content upsell

If you have a website that helps inspire your potential buyers/gives them hints and tips why not use this opportunity to upsell? British Airways help their website users with information on places to consider visiting for a golf holiday as well as some useful video content. There is a subtle area on the right-hand side to plan your trip, but they could take this a stage further and have a price and trip there to show how cheap their holiday could be.

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These are just a handful of suggestions of how to upsell with eCommerce. But fundamentally if you are going to invest in eCommerce online it does require a different level of sales and marketing knowledge than simply creating a good looking website.

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