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Changes To Google Shopping

Google is rolling out changes to advertising for merchants. Google Shopping will now be built around paid product listing ads rather than the normal product adverts we’ve been so used to seeing in the search engine results pages.

There are a huge number of benefits to this as advertisers can get a higher click-through rate compared to the traditional advertising, however, if you have already been using this tool for free this will no longer be the case. In order to entice advertisers in the UK — and a number of other countries — to make the switch to Google Shopping, they are offering promotional credit to get you started.

If you register before April you will receive £75 credit plus a 10% off your monthly spend between 15th Feb and 30th June. You will need to link your Google Merchant and Google Adwords accounts to qualify.

Once this new system is rolled out, the paid product listings will appear along with the normal results under the heading ‘Google Shopping results’. Until now, these listings were free. Items will show up depending on bid price and relevance. This means that keywords and descriptions for items in a campaign will have to be carefully thought through.

In terms of how much this might cost you, we have just one option here in the UK: cost-per-click. If you are in the US then you have the choice to pay on a cost-per-click or cost-per-acquisition basis.

Take a look at the products you are currently promoting in Google Adwords, the ones that are performing the best will give you an idea of the costs you will be looking at with product listing adverts.

These new adverts are great option for retailers who want to get better leads from their advertising. When someone clicks on a product listing they will be further through the buying process than someone clicking on an Adwords ad. This is because the product listings will contain all the product information a buyer will need to make a decision.

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