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The trending topics on Twitter have always been useful for people wanting to keep up with the latest on the social network. When introducing more functionality, Twitter first allowed you to look at the trending topics by country. This was hugely useful for national businesses.

Now Twitter allows you to narrow trending topics down by city and it looks like more and more UK cities are being added all the time. There’s also the option to see tailored trending topics, these are based on your location and who you follow.

Keeping an eye on the trending topics in your business’s local area can help you to find people to follow and interact with. Twitter loses its effectiveness as a marketing tool if all you do is Tweet about your business. Find some interesting trending topics and give your own comment.

If you use the hashtag of the trending topic then it’ll appear in that feed along with everyone else using it. If you’ve managed to say something witty or insightful then it’s likely that people following that topic will take the time to reply to you.

Remember, the whole point of Twitter is to connect with people on a more personal level; you shouldn’t shy away from joining in with the silly trending topics.

Using national trending topics

If you are a national company then take a look at the UK’s trending topics. Get involved and start to connect with people who, ultimately, might be interested in what you have to offer.

If you are a local shop who also happens to sell online, you might want to widen your area of influence. Engage with people all around the UK – perhaps even worldwide – rather than sticking to your locale.

Using local trending topics

If you are a local brand then try to connect with those taking part in the trending topics of your nearest city. If you do provide a local service then it’s these people who are potential customers, not those from other parts of the country.

If you are a national business but are thinking of opening a new store, you could garner the favour of the locals by connecting with them before the opening is even announced. If you are taking part in hashtag games or commenting on local issues you’ve seen in the trending topics, you’ll probably find that some of those people follow you. When you come to announce a new store opening, you’ll already have locals following your feed.

Tailored trending topics

These don’t just look at your location but also who you follow. Good if you’ve spent the time following really relevant people. This is the default setting for your trending topics, just hit the ‘change’ button if you want to see the worldwide, country-specific or city-specific feeds.

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