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Christmas Is Coming – Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready?

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 20 Nov 2017 by Cheryl
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The countdown to Christmas has already started and it’s time to get your festive marketing strategy in place and ready to rock around the Christmas tree.

Promotions Santa Would Love

If you want to push sales this Christmas then look at promotions such as ‘12 Days Of Christmas’ with a different offer each day or start the countdown and have an advent calendar style offer for 24 days. Make sure you align any promotions throughout your social media channels, in-store, on your website, email marketing, and blogs to re-enforce the offer.

Give A Little Back…

Well, it is Christmas, why not look at giving something back to customers in the way of free Christmas delivery, a wrapping service or 10% of their next order. Even at Christmas shoppers are still looking for a bargain and often inspiration, why not help with their Christmas list and write Xmas themed blogs, gift guides always go down well this time of year.

Add A Pinch Of Christmas Spirit

If you’ve bought a coffee recently from Costa, you’ve probably met the gingerbread man already. Why not add something Christmasy to your logo for example and use this through the festive season on your social media profiles, email marketing, and website. It adds an element of fun and something your customers can associate with, although make sure it doesn’t take away your brand recognition.

Christmas Social Media Ads & Remarketing

Creating Christmas specific ads alongside your existing ads lets you monitor spend better while targeting a specific audience. It also makes it easier to turn off a campaign once the festive holidays are over. It’s a good time of year to look at remarketing too, with people being so busy, they are easily distracted, so taking advantage of remarketing could give you an early Christmas present.

Have Some Fun With Social Media

Christmas is the ideal opportunity to theme your social media with relevant videos and posts around Christmasy ideas from how to wrap awkwardly shaped presents or asking questions like what your customers would like to find under their tree on Christmas morning. You could even get customers to share their Christmas jumper pictures with you!

Email Christmas Marketing

Email marketing lends itself perfectly to time-limited offers and time is often at a premium in the countdown to Christmas. Help buyers to make the decision by adding a sense of urgency combined with saving some money and customers have a ‘win-win’ situation. Christmas will see a glut of emails landing in inboxes, so take some extra time to be creative with the email subject lines and make sure your email gets opened.

Christmas Opening Hours & Delivery Dates

Let shoppers know what your store opening hours are for Christmas or last dates to order online for guaranteed Christmas delivery. These details are essential to the smooth running of a successful Christmas marketing strategy, otherwise, you’ll be starting next year off with a list of complaining customers.

It’s Not Just About Sales

There’s more to this special time of year than just the opportunity to get those extra Christmas sales. Could your marketing strategy this year help build some loyalty from your customers too and help boost sales longer than the January sales next year?

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