Content Marketing & PR Agencies – A Missed Opportunity?

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If PR agencies were a little more internet savvy they would make some of the best SEOs. The reason being is that they already produce and share newsworthy content.

Content marketing is about putting information out there that interests readers and persuades them to take action. It could be a blog post on a company blog; a guest post on another blog; an article written for a tutorial website; a recipe on a food site; or even, as in PR, a news story in a paper or magazine.

Agencies could seamlessly integrate a content marketing and SEO strategy into a PR campaign. It would be simple for agencies to write a press release targeted at bloggers to run alongside the releases going out to national and local press. If bloggers are encouraged to link back to the brand website then those online mentions are really going to benefit an off-page SEO campaign.


PR agencies need to take a look at the language they use. A basic understanding of keywords and headings can turn a simple press release into a great SEO tool. Especially when submitted to online distribution agencies.

Newspaper websites

When a story goes into a newspaper then it will most likely go onto the website too. These sites have huge amounts of authority and one link back from a big national paper is fantastic for any SEO or marketing campaign.


PRs tend to be fantastic writers with great people skills. This means they are more than qualified to be part of content marketing strategies that feature blogger outreach. Bloggers like to be treated like journalists because that’s what they are. They just need a slightly different approach and most like to try products and services first hand.

As long as a personal and targeted approach is taken, it can be simple to incorporate blogger outreach into a PR campaign.

PR agencies just need to understand how SEO is valuable for business and the benefit it has to clients.

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