Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 11th December

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Digital Marketing Roundup

We’ve summed up the latest Digital Marketing news, catch up on the latest from Facebook’s 360-video tools and sound collection, Instagram hashtag updates, updated to AdWords remarketing to meta length description.

Sound Collection And 360-Video Tools Come To Facebook

Facebook came after Snapchat for most of 2017 and now it’s targeting YouTube, on 8th December the social media platform released a new feature called Sound Collection alongside their 360-video tools, this seems to be an attempt to get content creators from YouTube to move over to Facebook. This comes a month after they released Facebook for Creators, a one-stop shop for creating and promoting videos. Sound Collection will let their users pair thousands of different audio tracks and sound effects in their videos. The tracks that can be found in the collection are free and exclusive to Facebook and Instagram.

It’s been announced that musicians and composers of all genres that are well-known are commissioned to create audio for Facebook’s Sound Collection. The end result is a robust and diverse collection content including everything from pop, jazz to hip-hop. This will let the content creators the ability to search for the best track for them using different search criteria including mood, vocal preference, and length.

Facebook has also introduced a new tool for 360-degree video creation, they’ve partnered with Blend Media. Facebook has created a 360 Community page which offers tutorials and educational resources for content creators who are brand new to using and creating 360-degree videos. There are quite a signification collection of resources they can use but the social media platform are intending to build up the library in the coming months.


Instagram To Do It’s Own ‘Best 9’ Feature? And Follow Hashtags Now Available

In the remaining months, every year an abundance of ‘Best 9’ photos appear on Instagram. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘Best 9’ is, it’s basically where certain apps or websites will collate you 9 most liked posts from the year and put them into a collage for you to post. The idea of posting a ‘Best 9’ is an ever-popular idea with some of the biggest influencers in the world doing it. But is Instagram going their own version of the feature? Instagram recently told Inverse that they have no plans to roll out a similar feature, however, with so many people using the ‘Best 9’ idea we feel it won’t be long until Instagram starts their own feature…

Also keeping on the topic of Instagram, the social media platform recently announced on their official blog that you could now follow hashtags, this allows users to be able to keep up with topics and content relevant to any hashtag. To follow a hashtag simply search for the preferred hashtag and click follow! The followed hashtag content will come straight through on your news feed as normal.

Facebook Improve Organic Reach Insight Accuracy

Back in November 2016, Facebook mentioned that it will be changing its Organic Reach metric to more accurately represent exactly what gets viewed by pages’ unpaid-for posts. Only recently, they announced that they will be putting this metric change into action in early 2018. The large time delay was the result of the development and testing taking longer than anticipated.

So, now when you look at your Facebook insights, don’t be alarmed when Organic Reach is lower than it was previously; this is a much more accurate representation of how your page’s posts are performing. Facebook has made several changes over the past few months in terms of metrics, most of which have helped marketers gain a better picture of how their efforts are and aren’t paying off.

Google Adds Phone Numbers And Mailing Addresses To AdWords Customer Match Retargeting

Since it’s launch in 2015, Customer Match has let AdWords users upload email lists to target (or exclude) in search and display advertising. But as of this month, Google AdWords are stepping up their game – advertisers can now upload phone numbers and mailing addresses, matching them to user-provided data in Google accounts. This is done on a hashed name and address data. Google said of the changes;

“[The] hashed name and address data for Google accounts construct a matching key. After you’ve uploaded your list with hashed customer names and addresses (don’t hash zip and country data), Google constructs a similar key based on your data and then compares each key on your list with the keys based on Google accounts. If there’s a match, Google adds the corresponding Google account to your customer list.”

Phone numbers will be added via the AdWords API or in the new AdWords interface under Audience Manager in the Shared Library. The changes can be added to all Google Ad networks, including shopping ads, YouTube and Gmail.

Google Adwords Customer Match

Google Officially Respond To Meta Description Length

At the start of December, Google announced that they would be increasing the length of search result snippets from 160 characters up to a whopping 320. The change has led many marketers to question whether or not they should be rewriting their meta descriptions to adjust for the new longer format. However, Google has this week officially confirmed that the ‘fundamentals of writing of meta tag have not changed’.

A spokesperson from Google told website Search Engine Land that: “there’s no need for publishers to suddenly expand their meta description tags, if they feel their current ones are adequate. We now display slightly longer snippets, which means we might display more of a meta description tag.” In essence, Google may or may not show your meta tag anyway and some of the content that appears in the search results page is dependant on search queries and the content on your page. So the advice remains the same for meta descriptions, if in doubt just follow Google’s advice, “They should generally inform and interest users with a short, relevant summary of what a particular page is about.”

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