Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 12th February

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Digital Marketing Roundup

It’s time for another digital marketing roundup by the SocialB team! We’ve summed up the latest news from Google adding AMP for email, Snapchat’s advertising API to Facebook testing a downvote button.

Facebook Is Testing A Reddit-Style Downvote Button

Facebook is currently testing a Reddit-style downvote button with a small percentage of Android users in the U.S. On public posts the comments are often in the thousands, so Facebook’s algorithm rank the comments by the number of replies and interaction. The downvote button would drive the irrelevant or misleading comments further down the list, meaning fewer users will see them. The button will let users to basically report a comment, and after downvoting, the users that are included in the test can say why they downvoted in the comment which will include buttons for offensive, misleading and off-topic.

Facebook has confirmed that the commenter won’t be able to see that their comment was downvoted and that this tool will be a way to assist the algorithm in deciding which comments should be shown at the top of the discussions. Facebook’s current system will put the comments with the most reactions at the top but the downvote will allow a comment that’s at the top because everyone responded with the angry emoji go down the list, for example. At this stage, Facebook hasn’t confirmed if they are planning to expand the test. The social media platform are also putting a lot of emphases that the downvote and a dislike button are not one and not the same.

Snapchat Opens Up Its Advertising API

Snapchat’s advertising API – once only available to a handful of privileged tech partners – has just been opened up to all brands, agencies and tech platforms. As of this week, any company can access Snapchat’s marketing technology to either automate their ad efforts or build advertising tools for brands to use.

For brands, this means that a wider, better quality selection of tools will soon be available to them for advertising on the platform, as more developers can work on innovating and adapting the Snapchat advertising process. Snapchat’s director has commented that the move will “give every developer the tools to build Snapchat ad solutions that perform best for them and their customers”.

Snapchat API

Google Updates The “People Also Search For” Block In Search Results

Google has been testing various designs for the “ people also search for” block for quite some time now. The current version that has been rolled out, shows the suggestions in a box along with the organic search result, separated by a line. You can try this for yourself. Click on a search result link and go back to the search page, you will see the new layout for desktop searches.This is how it looks now.

Google Adds ‘AMP Stories’

Google is trying to get into the ‘stories’ game by releasing “AMP Stories,” a visually rich content format designed to provide publishers with new storytelling options for the mobile web. The move as an attempt to copy Snapchat or Instagram Stories; but before both, there was Yahoo News Digest, a swipeable news app that leaned heavily on images and visual content. Googles concept is no different from Snapchat’s, it will be a full-screen display with text, images and video combined together. The idea is to make it fast and easy for readers to consume the content and for publishers to add the format in their production process. AMP Stories is now live on google search and some publishers already have content in the viewable format.

Google Adds AMP For Email

AMP, AMP, AMP seems to be Google’s moto at the moment. It means Accelerated Mobile Pages and they are encouraging everyone, everywhere to get on board with the project. The latest announcement also included the news that developers will now be able to build emails which use the fast loading AMP platform. Developers now have access to Google’s AMP for email specification guidelines to invite rich, interactive and engaging emails through Gmail. The benefits available for implementing AMP through Gmail include content that is kept up-to-date in real-time, the ability for recipients to browse and interact with content, users getting more done in less time without having to leave an email. Here’s an example of AMP for email in action courtesy of Marketing Land.

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