Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 12th March

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Digital Marketing Roundup

The SocialB team have rounded up the latest digital marketing news from YouTube & Wikipedia fighting spread conspiracy theory videos, Google hiding organic listings, Instagram rumours about the chronological feed to the updated Google rankings.

The Chronological Feed Isn’t Coming Back To Instagram

A lot of rumours have been spreading on Instagram about the chronological feed coming back to replace the current news feed but Instagram has now confirmed that the current presentation isn’t going anywhere. This originally started when photographer Jack Harding shared a video in his stories showing 9 posts that were coming up in a chronological order which created the buzz around it. To a lot of peoples dismay, an Instagram official said that the feature isn’t being tested or coming back.

YouTube And Wikipedia Fighting Spread Of Conspiracy Theory Videos

YouTube Chief Executive Susan Wojcicki has revealed that the site has started working with Wikipedia to counteract the spread of conspiracy theory videos and misinformation. A few weeks from now, conspiracy theory videos on YouTube will include text taken from the relevant Wikipedia page, and give viewers the option to click and learn more about the topic in question.

YouTube has struggled over the past few months to regulate its platform and remove offensive material, with some brands withdrawing advertising from the site for fear of their ads appearing next to extremist content. The work with Wikipedia is part of their wider action plan to better regulate their content and assure brands that the platform is a safe space to advertise.

Google Hides Some Organic Listings From Search Results

For queries where there is a fixed answer, for example, queries related to time, weather, conversions or calculations, Google is now showing only one answer with an option to view other search results, if the searcher wants to. According to Google, for such queries, searchers “rarely use full search results,” and if the searcher wants those results, they can access it with the ‘Show all results’ button.”

no organic results

Twitter Clamps Down On Tweetdecking

For those of you who are unaware ‘Tweetdecking’ is the practice of selling retweets from accounts with tens of thousands, it involves stealing other people’s content and retweeting it or using it for your own purpose. Several accounts who participate in the activity can make several thousand pounds each month, just by being paid to retweet content. Tweetdecking directly violates Twitters spam policy and Twitter do delete accounts but most of the time accounts reappear and start again.

As of Monday Twitter, had a serious clean-up of Tweetdecking accounts and deleted some of the biggest decking accounts on Twitter, which came as a welcome relief to many Twitter users. There are still plenty of problem areas to be addressed on Twitter, but Friday’s move to suspend known Tweetdeckers is just one more action in a recent string of them.

Google Ranking Update Confirmed

Google have confirmed a core ranking algorithm update that saw many websites drop in search visibility last week. The Twitter update (see below) stated that ‘There’s no “fix” for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.‘, a somewhat cryptic piece of advice for what is described as a ‘broad core algorithm update‘ that they ‘do routinely several times per year‘. While this update has left a few marketers frustrated from seeing their websites drop in the space of a few days, as with other Google updates there is likely no reason to panic and, as long as your focus is on the long-term gains brand building, should see search traffic to your website build back up.

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