Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 18th June

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Digital Marketing Roundup

The digital marketing world moves fast! To make sure you stay up to date with all of the most important news in the digital world we have collected all of the most important stories and turned them into bitesize news stories for you to digest! This week we have news from Instagram and their new IGTV feature, Google Shopping improvements, Bing Ads Enhancements, Snapchat and more!

Instagram Introduces IGTV

Instagram has increased the maximum length of uploaded videos to 60 minutes – whereas before you would only be able to upload 60-second clips. The new feature is called IGTV; it’s not clear if the longer videos will include adverts or if users will be paid for their content – like on other platforms such as YouTube.

The new platform will be a standalone app as well as on existing users’ homepages. Another big change with IGTB is that you’ll be able to upload on desktop and clips will get unique links.

Google Shopping Improvements Are Working Says Commissioner

Despite being too early tell, Google’s improvements to its shopping platform are showing signs of working according to Europe’s competition chief, Margrethe Vestager.  It has been one year since Google was hit with a record 2.4 billion-euro fine in the antitrust shopping case and the search engine vowed to make improvements to level the playing field. Vestager said that there has been a steady increase in numbers of the last few months, with the most recent figures showing at least one rival appear in about one-third of new shopping boxes. That is compared to 15 percent of the shopping boxes in March. Also, the share of clicks of products of rivals in Google shopping boxes increased from 2.5 percent in February to 6.1 percent now. Rivals still believe there is plenty of work to be done in order to create a level playing field and the EU will continue to actively monitor improvements to the platform.

Bing Ads Enhancement Updates

Bing Ads has announced the launch of enhancements to the targeting settings and dimensions tab.

According to Bing,

New location targetingad schedule targeting, and device targeting settings allow you to manage your targeting in bulk and shows you performance metrics inline to help you make more informed decisions.

We’re making several important updates to this experience including adding a column selector to customize the grid, filters for easier management, new reporting such as age and gendergeographic and time quarter, as well as other new reporting metrics such as return on ad spend, revenue and others.

For more information, here is the official Bing update.

Snapchat Update…

It’s looking bleak for Snapchat, In May this year Snapchats stock plummeted 20% and it looks like the bad news will continue for Snap inc with its stock dropping a further 8.1% in the last few days. It seems that Snapchat users are becoming less and less engaged with the visual sharing app, as more users migrate over to Instagram Stories which continues to improve its functionality.


Google Chrome’s ‘Not Secure’ Flag To Launch Next Month

28 months since Google first announced that its Chrome browser will flag any non-HTTPS website with a ‘Not Secure’ label, the search giant is set to feature live next month. From July 2018, anyone using Google Chrome on a non-HTTPS website will be warned that their data is at potential risk from a potentially hackable, non-secure website.

If there ever was a time to invest in HTTPS it is now, with data protection becoming a bigger talking point each day, and consumers more hesitant to place trust in organisations online.

News UK Advertisers Targets Readers Based On Their Emotions

News Corp, the owner of The Sun and The Times, has brought a new tool to the UK which will segment readers of its online articles by their opinions and emotions.

The tool, NewsIQ, has been described by News UK as a way for advertisers to move away from “simple click metrics” and instead “drive emotional loyalty and advertising engagement”. Brands will be able to optimise and measure their online advertising campaigns based on the kind of stories readers are interested in and their emotional state – surveys will be embedded into news content asking users how they feel about the story they’ve just read.

News UK commissioned a study to support the launch, which found that users who had just read an emotional piece of content are 45% more likely to subsequently watch an entire video ad.

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