Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 1st January

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Digital Marketing Roundup

The first Digital Marketing round-up is here and we’ve summed up the latest news from Channel 4 launching a digital ad sales business, ads being tested on Amazon Echo devices to videos being added in Google My Business listings and more.

Channel 4 Launches Digital Ad Sales Business

Channel 4 has become the first UK broadcaster to run a digital ad sales service, this week launching a new digital ad sales house to sell ads for other media companies. They will now offer ad sales services to third-party digital content platforms and have already signed their first customer, BT Sport. They hope to eventually offer a full ad sales service that will rival global media companies – “a large scale one-stop shop for quality digital content”, commented their head of digital and partnership innovation.

The move is part of an on-going effort to scale up its business and better compete with the likes of Google and Facebook, who currently attract about 84% of digital ad spend.

Channel 4 and BT Sport ad sales contract

Fines For Social Media Sites Allowing Hate Speech

Germany enforced a new law on 1st January, the new law is about hate speech and they’ve now begun enforcing the strict regulations that could result in fines up to $60 million if such posts are not removed within 24 hours of it being flagged. A number of users on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube could be affected by this regulation and face large fines. Any platform or media company that have more than 2 million members will be affected by this, this includes Reddit, Tumblr, Vimeo and more. This is part of an effort to reduce hate speech and extremist content online, Germany is one of the few countries investing heavily in teams and technology to remove content that breaks their rules or German law. What are your thoughts on this law, should more countries enforce it?

phone hand technology

New Study Finds Facebook Branded-Content Ads Outperform Standard Ads For Viral Reach

A new study has found that on average, branded-content ads on Facebook received twice as many ‘earned’ impressions as paid impressions. These findings make for interesting reading when compared to standard Facebook ads which on average get less than one-tenth the number of ‘earned’ impressions compared to paid. The study from social analytics company Shareablee looked at over 800 branded content ads and 265 standard ads. Whilst it may not be surprising that users are more likely to share branded-content than normal ads, the amount of free impressions is definitely worth noting, especially for those looking to raise brand awareness. Content-based ads on Facebook are a promotional tool where businesses can pay a publisher or influencer to produce a branded post on their page promoting your product or service. Read out more about these posts here.

Amazon Testing Consumer Ads On Echo Devices

While they are currently in denial about it, Amazon has reportedly been in discussion with larger consumer brands, such as Procter & Gamble, to look at the possibilities of utilising advertising on the popular home assistant device range. The report from CNBC states that there may be a range of promotional opportunities available on Alexa, tailored to the customer’s exact needs. As voice search becomes more and more popular and more and more helpful, capitalising on people looking for information by conveniently offering them a product or service that helps solve their problem there and could potentially be beneficial for both parties, assuming it’s carried out ethically.

Videos In Google My Business Listings

Some businesses have reported that they can see a video upload section on their Google My Business Dashboard. Google seems to be testing this currently and the feature does not seem available to everyone at the time of writing this article. However, those who have access to this have reported that it appears as shown below:

local videos on google listing


The videos would show in the Google Maps to searchers who access your local listing.

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