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Digital Marketing Round Up – W/C 20th August

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 24 Aug 2018 by Paul Hogg
Digital Marketing Roundup

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the must-know updates from the world of digital marketing.

New Report Gives Insight Into Customer Loyalty on Social Media

Social media marketing software company Sprout Social recently released a report from a survey from over 10,000 customers (based in the US) and found that transparency was a big expectation of businesses online, in that more than ever customers expect businesses to be open, clear and honest in their use of Social Media. The main finding of this report shows that businesses that are open, clear and honest generally have a much more loyal customer base, a key statistic shows that, after a bad experience, 89% are willing to give transparent brands a second chance and 85% are willing to stick with them through a crisis.

What are you doing to show transparency on your social channels?

Transparency Survey


Google Updates Ads platform

This week Google introduced the ability to add a third headline to ads, as well as adding to the character count of the description. But wait there’s more! you get the option to add 2 descriptions!

the second description will not always appear depending on whether Google feels it is viable for it to be shown. the same goes for the second header. so as of right now, Google has majority control of when these new assets show but it’s definitely a step in the right direction as it gives the possibility of a 180 character description. something we would absolutely love to take advantage of at SocialB

Google Ads 3 deascriptions


Auto Verification In Google Search Console

Verified owners of Google Analytics property will now be automatically verified for the same site in Google Search Console. Previously, this was a manual process where the user had to initiate verification of a Google Analytics Property.

When this update rolls out the users could have a verified property in the Search Console without ever logging into the service.

Facebook Removes 5k Ad Targeting Filters

Facebook is currently trying to make its platform safer for users by trying to keep advertisers from discriminating against ethnic and religious groups. Along with this, there is a new certification tool that is now part of its Ads Manager platform.

This most recent move is targeted at preventing advertisers from applying filters for credit-related campaigns, housing or employment which is prevent important and beneficial ads from being displayed to specific ethnic or religious groups.

EU Threatens Social Media Giants With Fines Over Terror Propaganda

The European Commission has detailed its toughened stance after deciding that self-regulation was not achieving the desired results in combating terror-related content on social media. Instead, they will demand the removal of terror-related content such as videos, text and audio by way of new regulations. The new regulations will be published next month, but they are said to include a one-hour time limit for the removal of terror-related material.

Europe’s frustrations emanate from a spate of high-profile terror attacks across the continent in recent years, despite the largest content providers such as Google and Facebook now removing terror material automatically.

Superdrug’s online customers caught in data breach

Superdrug has warned its online customers to change their passwords asap after criminals claimed to have obtained their personal details. The chain said the group claimed they had stolen details of 20,000 customers, but it had only seen evidence so far that 386 customers had been affected. Names, addresses and “in some cases” date of births and phone numbers “may have been accessed”, Superdrug said. They have also said that no customers’ payment card details have been accessed.

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