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Digital Marketing Round Up – W/C 23rd July

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 27 Jul 2018 by SocialB
Digital Marketing Roundup

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the must-know updates from the world of digital marketing.

Campaign URL Integrates With Bitly

We’re claiming this as an exclusive in the SocialB offices because we cannot find any information online about the upgrade to Google’s Campaign URL Builder. It appears that the URL shortening tool attached to the URL builder is now linked directly to the popular link management tool Bitly. It’s used for tracking campaigns in analytics by adding a source, medium and content to a link. When selecting to shorten the URL, you are now taken to the Bitly website to authorise access to Campaign URL Builder through your Bitly account. From here you’ll need to sign in or create a Bitly account. Once the links have been shortened you can view the analytics and click performance directly in Bitly as well as Analytics. The update will be a time saver for anyone who (like us) regularly uses both Campaign URL Builder and Bitly.

Campaign URL Bitly


Google Chrome Starts Labelling HTTP Sites As Not Secure

As mentioned in one of our earlier digital marketing roundups, the new version of Google Chrome ( version 68), is marking any none HTTPS URLs as not secure. You can read more about this here.

Here is an example:

If you haven’t yet upgraded to an HTTPS certificate for your website then it is really important that you do so ASAP.

The ASA is Cracking Down on Influencer Ads

An Instagram post by influencer Louise Thompson, who stars in Made in Chelsea, has been cautioned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority for failing to disclose that one of her Instagram posts was, in fact, a paid-for ad.

The ASA recommends that paid-for influencer posts on social media include identifiers like #ad or #sponsored. They launched a review earlier this year with the aim of ensuring that consumers don’t have to ‘play detective’ to spot ads.

A survey earlier this year revealed that 71% of Brits wrongly believe that influencer marketing isn’t regulated. The ASA maintains that misleading posts damage consumer trust in advertising.

Google to stop supporting public URL submissions to its search index

Google’s public form to submit new URLs to Google is going away!

Google announced Wednesday morning that it is killing off the public method of submitting URLs to its search index. The “addurl” page, which is still listed in this help document, now redirects to the Google Search Console login page.

Google Webmasters said,”We’ve had to drop the public submission feature.” The company did not say why it was necessary to drop it. Maybe it has to do with spam issues or abuse. Google added, “… but we continue to welcome your submissions using the usual tool in Search Console and through sitemaps directly.”

UK-based social media marketing firm Hopper HQ has published the 2018 ‘Instagram Rich List’ detailing how much top influencers charge for each post and how many followers they have. While not an exact science, the list estimates the amount each celebrity influencer is estimated to make per post on the photo-sharing site. Kylie Jenner, although didn’t have the most followers (behind Selena Gomez by around 20 million fans), takes the number one spot as she does appear to command the highest fee – $1m (£760k) per post.

Take a look at the full list here.


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