Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 2nd April

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Price Extensions Added To Bing Ads

The US now has access to price extensions in Bing Ads and Bing will soon be rolling this out to international markets this month, except in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Price extensions will appear in text ads which appear at the top of the page. Advertisers can show prices along with a 25 character description. However, the usual caveats are in place. The price should be visible on the landing page either on the advertiser’s own website or on a third party retailer site like Amazon.

An account, campaign, or ad group can have up to 20 Price Extensions. Advertisers will be charged on a cost per click basis for price extensions.

New Alexa Skill Lets Users Donate To Charity

Amazon has launched “Alexa Donations”, a new skill that lets users donate to more than 40 different charities. Users can simply ask Alexa to make a donation to their chosen charity, which will be fulfilled through Amazon Pay. Alexa asks users for a four-digit confirmation code to approve the transaction.

Unfortunately, the feature isn’t yet available in the UK but it’s an exciting step forward in the world of voice search. Hopefully, it won’t be long until UK charities can benefit from the new skill.

Amazon Alexa Laughter

Facebook Will Require Consent For Custom Audiences

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is attempting to comfort users and marketers alike that their data will be protected. Facebook is planning to introduce a certification for marketers using Custom Audiences to prove that they have obtained consent from individuals whose data they provide to Facebook.

The feature will be introduced via a tool that will require those using custom audiences to ‘represent and warrant’ to Facebook that they have permission for the data when it’s is uploaded. It’s not clear whether this feature will actually prevent marketers from abusing the rules – the question will be how Facebook will proactively identify violations and what the punishment is for those who do break the rules. Furthermore, what will Facebook then do with that data?

This will obviously have an impact on marketers, but as GDPR comes into play in May, this is a further step to keeping our data protected and a good start for the social network that has recently been embroiled in one of the largest data scandals in recent times.

Snapchat Announces Group Video Chat

Snapchat announced a new feature to its in-app experience this week: The video chat feature, it will allow up to 16 friends to conduct a video chat with each other simultaneously. If you have more people who want to participate, up to 32 people can join a group voice chat instead. Snapchat initially introduced one-on-one voice and video calling back in 2016 and said users are making millions of calls on Snapchat each day.

On its blog, the social platform explained: “We designed Chat to feel less like texting and more like hanging out. That’s why when a friend opens Chat, their Bitmoji pops up to say “I’m here!” – and why your Chat conversations aren’t saved forever, by default.”

New Study on Influence Marketing

A new study in America has found that advertisers are continuing to invest heavily in influencer marketing, despite being unsure of its merit. The new report by the Association of National Advertisers surveyed 156 marketers, of whom, 36% said their influencer marketing efforts were effective. Despite this, 75% of those surveyed said they are currently working on influencer marketing and 43% said they planned to increase spending on it in the next year. In terms of channels, 40% of people identified Instagram as the single most important channel.

The study also garnered interesting insights into how they pay and how much they pay. 62% of marketers said they compensate the influencers with money whilst 35% offer free products in exchange for services. In terms of budgets, more than 60% said they spent under $100,000 annually on influencer marketing.

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