Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 4th June

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Digital Marketing Roundup

The digital marketing world moves fast, so it’s time for our weekly Digital Marketing Round-up! We’ve summed up the latest news this week from Apple shutting down tracking from engagement buttons, New agency dashboard rolled out for Google My Business, Facebook removing its trending feature and loads more!

Apple says it is ‘shutting down’ tracking from Like & Share buttons and conversation platforms

Apple are taking aim at Facebook’s Like buttons, other third-party APIs that can be used for collection track and ad targeting, as well as Disqus comments widgets. Striking down on applications that can track you, with the launch of Safari 12, users will now get a notification asking them whether they want to share their data with third-party widgets and other plug-ins on a page. Apple announced “Like and share buttons and conversation windows – these can be used to track you whether you click on them or not. This year we are shutting that down.”

Agency Dashboard Rolled Out For Google My Business Pages

Google has announced that the Agency Dashboard for Google My Business Pages is now live. This will make it easier for agencies to manage multiple Google listings in a simpler and efficient manner. Earlier a single GMB account could manage up to 100 locations but now Agency accounts can manage unlimited locations. Agencies can register here to gain access to the new dashboard.

Here are some key features of the Agency Dashboard, according to Google:

Agency Dashboard GMB












Bing Launches Feed Import Tool

Bing Merchant Centre has launched a new tool which will allow you to import your Google Shopping campaigns directly into Bing. It’s great news for anyone wanting to manage one product data feed across the two search engine shopping platforms. The new ‘Import’ tab on Bing Merchant Centre will allow users to sign into their Google account and important product data feeds directly from Google into Bing. To make sure the product data feeds are up to date, the tool will also allow you to schedule imports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is sure to be a real time saver!

Bing ads shopping import

Facebook Removes ‘Trending’ Feature From News Feeds

The social media giant has announced that they are scrapping the controversial feature, in favour of initiatives designed to promote high-quality news content while tackling the spread of misinformation. First introduced in 2014, Facebook says that the function was designed to help most people find the most interesting and relevant content for them on the platform.

Originally run by a team of ‘trending editors’, in 2016 they were all fired after having been accused of suppressing conservative news. The team was replaced with an automated process which only caused more problems; including the promotion of 9/11 conspiracy theories and several instances of fake news and parody articles.

Because more people consume news from on their phones and through video, Facebook has said they instead want to explore new ways of helping users stay informed about breaking news that matters to them, from reliable sources. They’re now testing some new features in the US, including letting an exclusive list of publishers apply a ‘breaking news’ label to articles and introducing a ‘breaking news’ notification.

Search Ads Now Account For 21.9% Of All Advertising Spend

Advertisers around the world are collectively spending more than a fifth of their budgets on paid search, at the expense of display advertising formats.

The Global Ad Trends Report claims that the search advertising market will grow by 11% in 2018, with mobile ads accounting for nearly two-thirds of that total. It could be argued that the introduction of GDPR will act as a catalyst for that growth – as companies can rely less on marketing techniques that make use of an existing customer database, and instead have to resort to alternatives that put them in front of potential customers as and when their products or services are needed.

Google (Once Again) Threatened With Fines of up to $11 Billion(!) From The EU

The EU has threatened to fine Google once again. This time the cost could be up to $11 billion as the EU contends that the search giant’s app-install requirements in Android-OEM contracts on its smartphone software favour Google services over 3rd party competition.

While the EU had previous fined Google for €2.4 billion (the largest in EU history) for trust law breaches on its shopping search campaigns, Google did appeal that fine and will likely do so again.

Google’s dominance of Android app space has been compared with Microsoft’s “bundling” of the Edge (formally Internet Explorer) browser software with it’s Windows OS. Google has disputed this analogy, leaving the future of this case unclear.

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