Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 5th March

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Digital Marketing Roundup

How is it already March? Time is flying by for the SocialB team, however, we’ve still made time to round-up latest digital marketing news from Google introducing a product filter for image searches, Alexa’s creepy laughter glitch, voice & video calls potentially coming to Instagram to Google developing a ‘render on idle’ ad load for AMP projects.

Google Team Develops ‘Render On Idle’ Ad Load For AMP Project

The AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) team at Google have added a new feature to the project, designed to speed up ad load on a page when a user has been recognised as ‘being idle’ on-page. The new feature is called ‘Render on Idle’ and is available to publishers using the DoubleClick AMP tag or any ad networks that implement Fast Fetch. In tests, publishers have seen a 13% increase in impressions and a 0.5% increase in clicks and queries using this new feature. As the AMP team roll out this feature, hopefully, many display advertisers will see improvements in the performance of their ads and, ultimately, an increase in ROI.

Google Introduces Product Filter For Image Search

In April 2017, Google announced product schema for image search. In continuation to this, we can now see a product filter for image search results with product schema.

Using this filter, you can see which images have product schema and filter by images that have that schema on it.  At the time of writing this article, this was visible on mobile search results only. This can be seen in the image below with the price tag icon next to the Product label.

product filter


IAB Invites Industry To Comment On GDPR Draft Guidelines

Following its announcement last year that it would develop a GDPR industry standard to guide advertisers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has now outlined its framework for implementing GDPR and has invited tech vendors, agencies, and publishers to comment before its publication in April.

Once released, the framework will help organisations adhere to the new regulations by defining the dos and don’ts of handling consumer data across mobile and desktop platforms. In the meantime, you can take a look at SocialB’s GDPR resources page.

Amazon Addresses Alexa’s ‘Creepy Laughter’ Glitch

Amazon recently issued an urgent update to its Echo home speaker, after the voice-powered assistant Alexa developed a glitch which caused it to erupt into laughter without any prompting.

Several spooked-out customers took to social media to share their stories or complain to Amazon, who have said that this was caused by the speaker picking up a ‘false-positive’ for the command ‘Alexa, laugh’. They’ve now changed the trigger command to ‘Alexa, can you laugh?’, reducing the likelihood of this happening again.

Amazon Alexa Laughter

Video And Voice Call On Instagram?

You read correctly! Instagram has been crushing their competitors for some time now, despite the hick-up for Snapchat thanks to Kylie Jenner’s tweet! It seems the social media giant is now looking to expand its territory. It was initially reported by TechCrunch, there are files on both Instagram and Instagram’s direct Android Application Packages (APK) that could suggest that there will soon be call or video call functions available. That would transform the platform from a photo app to a chatting app as well. However, this isn’t the first time these types of rumours have surfaced, Instagram has so far refused to make any comments regarding this so we’ll have to wait and see if it’s something they are doing in the future.

More Bad News For Snapchat?

Snapchat preparing for more redundancies Snapchat who employs around 3,000 people are set to lay off around 100 engineers as part of Snapchat’s cutbacks, which represents close to 10% of the company’s engineering team. The layoffs is the latest wave of bad news for the social media company who have recently seen a huge backlash over its major redesign of its app in which they intended to make the app easier to use but instead saw a global backlash from many people including celebrity Kylie Jenner who’s one tweet about the app managed to lose the $1.3 billion.

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