Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 21st May

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Digital Marketing Roundup

We’ve summed up the most important news that has happened within Digital Marketing, if you’ve had a busy week, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered and included everything from Amazons facial recognition software, Instagram adding a mute button, Google Trends getting a facelift and Adobe Announces Magento Acquisition.

Controversy Over Amazon Selling Facial Recognition Tech To Police

Amazon has faced backlash over its decision to sell its ‘Rekognition’ software to US police forces. Amazon Web Services, the computing branch of the e-commerce giant, has been accused by the American Civil Liberties Association of ‘powering a [threatening] government surveillance structure’.

In response to this and other privacy concerns, Amazon has said that it doesn’t make sense to restrict access to emerging technologies based on fear of how they might be misused further down the line. They argue that the benefits – include tracking lost children and tracing potential criminals – should be capitalised upon for better quality of life.

Instagram Adds Mute Button!

Instagram is adding the option to mute people from appearing in your feed. They are said to be rolling out an update “over the coming weeks,” this means you’ll be able to choose to remove someone’s posts, or both their posts and their stories, from appearing on Instagram’s main screen. You’ll still be able to view a muted person’s profile and you can unmute them any time you want, and the best part is a person won’t be told that they’ve been muted!

Google Trends Gets A Makeover

Google Trends, The site that keeps you up to date on what the world has been searching for just got a full redesign. According to the Google team, this redesign puts “more editorial data-based stories up front,” along with a section for featuring data stories picked out by a news team. You can also easily check out the Year in Search dating back to 2001, whilst there is also an intensity map which can show where searches were popular by country or an individual state.

Adobe Announces Magento Acquisition for $1.68 billion

Creative software company Adobe announced this week that they will be purchasing the popular E-commerce website CMS Magento. While eBay purchased the company in 2011, it went private again in 2015, which makes the acquisition by Adobe even more surprising.

Many companies, both big and small, depend on Magento. While the future of the platform is uncertain (Adobe haven’t made any specific announcements yet), we hope they bring more flexibility to the platform, especially when it comes to website design and CRO.

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