Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 7th May

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Digital Marketing Roundup

We’ve summed up the most important news that has happened within Digital Marketing, if you’ve had a busy week, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered and included everything from the Google keynote, Google’s new AdWords and Instagram changes.

Google Keynote Focused More On Assistant Than Search

On Tuesday, Google’s held it’s annual Keynote. This time though, instead of focusing mostly on developments to its search platform, the Google Assistant took centre stage (in fact, search was only mentioned twice!).

They announced a bunch of new features included in the next update. These features include:

  • A new range of assistant voices;
  • Improved conversational functionality (you no longer have to say “hey/ok google” in order to ask follow-up questions – definitely a welcome improvement!);
  • Fully customisable routines and schedules;
  • Smart device integration (e.g. smart TVs);
  • Expanded functionality in navigation (send texts or play music while using Google Maps);
  • Food ordering service integrations.

The most impressive announcement (and demo) was the new AI-driven phone call feature called “Duplex”. This allows users to book appointments with local businesses without actually having to make the call themselves.

This has to be seen to be believed, check out the video below to see the demo:

Instagram Trialling New Advertising Features With Select Partners

Instagram is testing a couple of new features for some of its business users in light of the knowledge that 200 million users visit Instagram business profiles every day. Half of these businesses don’t have a website, instead relying on social media presence.

The features include adding a call-to-action button on your business profile, such as “Book Now” or “Get Tickets”, enabling users to conduct business without leaving the platform. Instagram will also start filtering what it perceives as “high value” direct messages for businesses so that they can manage and respond to customer queries more efficiently.

Google AdWords tests responsive search ads

The idea behind it is, Set up one ad with multiple headlines and 2 descriptions, and Google will start testing combinations dynamically to present the combination which is most likely to achieve the advertiser’s stated goal. Also, you get more ‘real estate’ than a standard text ad for giving the new machine learning option a go. Here are the benefits;

  • Show up to three headlines instead of two.
  • Show up to two 90-character descriptions instead of one 80-character description.

Microsoft launches ‘Audience Ads’ at Bing Partner Summit

At the Bing Partner Summit, the company announced a completely new display network, the Microsoft Audience Network. Though the company has had the “Bing Audience Network,” the new network brings a number of elements that weren’t previously available: ‘Bing search-intent signals, Microsoft’s AI capabilities and the Microsoft audience graph’.

Bing search advertisers will be able to extend their campaigns through “Audience Ads” across various Microsoft and third-party properties. These are the two options for marketers:

  • Audience Ads search-extensions. This is a basic approach that pushes the Bing campaign out to the broader Microsoft Audience Network.
  • Audience Ads campaigns. These include dedicated/optimized creative and separate reporting.

We will have to wait and see how different they are compared to Google or Facebook, but Microsoft says that the audience graph includes millions of people “you can’t reach on Google or Facebook.”

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