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Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 8th January

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Another week has flown by which means it’s time for our weekly Digital Marketing round-up, we’ve summed up the latest news from Instagram Stories being added on WhatsApp, a new search console upgrade being released by Google, ad review extensions to be removed from Google in January 2018 to an emoji analysis done by Brandwatch.

Instagram Stories Is Coming To WhatsApp

Facebook is testing Instagram Stories on WhatsApp in their most recent attempt to take on Snapchat. The social media platform has introduced the option to cross-post updates on both of the platforms. Much like Snapchat videos, WhatsApp status updates will disappear after 24 hours. It’s currently not available to all Instagram users as it’s currently being trialled. Last year Facebook introduced a story feature in an attempt to beat their rival.

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Facebook To Launch A Messaging Device?

The device is known only as ‘portal’ is supposed to be a direct competitor for the popular Google Home and Amazon Echo, neither of these currently allow users to access social media sites and are mainly used for controlling Spotify and internet radio. Some news outlets have speculated that it may come with a wide-lens camera and will include augmented and virtual reality features. A main supposed feature which will have people talking is the facial recognition technology to swap between users Facebook accounts. But for now, this is all speculation…

Google Set To Release New Search Console Upgrade

On Monday, Google announced that it will be rolling out the new version of Search Console over the coming weeks, with changes to its user interface and added “Search performance, Index Coverage, AMP status, and Job posting reports“. The new Search Performance report looks and works similar to the current Search Analytics report, but with 1 key difference: the ability to view 16 months worth of data in a single report – allowing search marketers to take a step back and look at the big picture of SEO and their website’s performance. The Index Coverage report, however, looks and works similar to the Index Status report currently available in Search Console: This report will show valuable information about how well Google is indexing your website, flagging any issues it comes across and will feature detailed explanations as to why Google is having problems indexing it, and what you can do to fix it.

Overall, we are very excited about this new release. Google’s 2017 updates to its products (such as Analytics) featured many helpful new tools, and we hope this Search Console upgrade continues to do so.

Google Ad Review Extensions To Be Discontinued From January 2018

Google has announced that Review extensions will be discontinued from January 2018 and will be deleted from AdWords accounts in February. Advertisers can download performance data for review extensions by then. You can still use other extensions like site links, callouts, etc. to make your ads appealing to the searchers.

Valuable Emoji Analysis For Brands

Brandwatch has published a new report well worth your attention, analysing every emoji published on Twitter over the course of two years. Interesting findings include the 49% increase in Tweets containing a brand name and an emoji since September 2015, and that fear emojis spiked to an all-time high in the run-up to the EU referendum. The report notes that “brands, in particular, are set to garner the most value from emoji analysis as it provides a real-time look at how their brand, products, and services are perceived online compared to their competitors.”

Brandwatch Emoji Report
Source: Brandwatch

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