Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 9th April

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Time flies by in the SocialB office but we always make time for the Digital Marketing round-up each week, we’ve included news about Unilever Trails Charitable Online Video Ads, LinkedIn Trials Compulsory Hashtags, Google Adds More Features To New Search Console and finally, changes to Google Search Results.

Unilever Trials Charitable Online Video Ads

Unilever is testing a new video ad format with its Knorr brand, that promises to donate some of the ad’s revenue to charity if a viewer watches for more than 15 seconds. If a viewer watches the ad to the end, they can then choose which charity they’d like to receive the donation; The People’s Kitchen, WaterAid or The Trussel Trust.

The charity will receive 50% of the revenue, with the rest going to the publisher and to Good-Loop, the founder of the technology. Good-Loop describes itself as “an ethical online video advertising platform seeking to fix the problems experienced in ad tech.”

A study last year found that 65% percent of people skip online video advertising as soon as they get the chance, with many respondents saying that it’s an ingrained habit to do so. Unilever and Good-Loop want to reduce this figure and improve ad engagement – Knorr has reported that they’re already seeing increased click-through rates compared to their normal video campaigns.

Unilever Video Ads


LinkedIn Trials Compulsory Hashtags?

In an attempt to build up LinkedIn’s daily traffic they have started compulsory hashtags to users posts, the app will not let the user post unless they add a hashtag to the post. The idea behind the trail is for users to have their posts presented in front of the right audience, instead, it may have just angered users. LinkedIn state that: “Adding hashtags helps surface your article to members who may find it relevant. Hashtags act as keywords that help people know what kind of article you’ve written.”

Google Adds More Features To New Search Console

Google are not a company to stand still. Even after the release of its new Search Console, they are continuing to add new features. The latest includes an option to filter your Search Performance reports by Rich results, AMP non-rich results, AMP article, job listings and job details. They posted a GIF on Twitter this week, showing how to access these new filters with a working example. As well as this, they’ve also added an export option on the validation details page, and the exported compare columns now have labels.

How To See More Results on Google Search

Google has officially announced the rollout of a ‘More Results’ button on the mobile search results page. It’s part of its ever-changing updates to the results page and will replace the ‘Next’ button to take you through to page 2 and onwards. It’s exciting news as it could increase the visibility and essentially click-through-rates of those websites sitting on page 2 of search results. Google has said the button will load organic search results ahead of paid results. You’ll be able to see the change if you use the Google app on iOS or Android devices and major mobile browsers. They’re currently working on support for Google Chrome on iOS.

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