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Digital Marketing Round Up – W/C 9th July

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 13 Jul 2018 by Oscar Knights
Digital Marketing Roundup

The digital marketing world moves fast! To make sure you stay up to date with all of the most important news in the digital world we have collected all of the most important stories and turned them into bitesize news stories for you to digest! This week we have news from Google’s URL inspection tool, Facebook handed a £500,000 fine, Instagram’s new sticker and Apple ramping up their AI department.

Google’s URL inspection tool is available for all!

The tool that was launched a couple of weeks ago was gradually being rolled out to its users on the new Google Search console. Google confirmed on Twitter that the tool is now available for all users. The URL inspection tool allows you to check a URL on your website to view the status of how Google search views that URL. Google says it “provides details crawl, index and serving information about your pages directly from the Google index”.

Facebook Fined £500k after Data Breach

Facebook has been served the maximum fine available to the UK’s information commissioner following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The fine is punishment for a failure to safeguard its users’ data, which resulted in two breaches of the Data Protection Act.

The fine itself is unlikely to make a dent in the company’s finances; Facebook earns £500k in revenue every five minutes. However, the PR nightmare that followed the scandal has affected many users’ trust in the platform, causing Facebook to run an expensive brand campaign titled “Here Together” in which it pledges to look after individuals’ privacy in future. Learn more about protecting your personal data on Facebook here.

Facebook testing AR ads in the News Feed

Facebook is giving a select number of advertisers access to augmented reality (AR) ads that run in the News Feed and is testing a new tool that will help brands create mobile video ads using existing images and video footage.

Already used as part of a Michael Kors ad campaign that allowed users to “try on” and then purchase sunglasses, the AR ads will be tested by a variety of brands in the fashion accessory, cosmetics, furniture, gaming and entertainment markets. The AR element of the ads uses camera effects so that users can virtually try out different aspects of a product, and then take an action via the ad.

Twitter To Remove Locked Accounts From Follower Count

Twitter will begin to remove locked accounts from follower counts as part of their ongoing work to improve the health of the network. If you don’t have many followers then Twitter say you will only see a small drop in followers. However, if you’re big in the Twitter game or have a large number of followers on a business account, you may see more significant drops. Twitter locks accounts when it detects unusual behaviour or spam, for example, tweeting a lot of unsolicited tweets or if it’s been blocked by a number of users. The update will only apply to follower accounts but Twitter says they will also begin to take aim at Tweets, Likes and Retweets.

Instagram adds the Questions Sticker

Instagram Stories has continued its destruction of Snapchat by adding a new polling feature (first featured back in October.)  The feature is a sticker you place on your story and it allows users to ask you questions, you can choose whether you respond to them and place the answer back in your story or not. Just remember, these questions aren’t anonymous…

Apple Steals Top Google AI Developer

The war of AI continues as Apple hires Google’s SVP of Engineering John Giannandrea in an effort to push development on it’s Siri AI assistant software, overseeing the “strategy for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning across the company and development of Core ML and Siri technologies.”

While Apple could have previously been thought of as lagging behind in the commercial AI sector, gaining this key player could help propel their success in the right direction. Could we expect Siri to start doing the dishes soon? Maybe not. But still, it’s obvious that Apple is taking AI seriously in this (likely very) costly talent acquisition.

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