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Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 13th November

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 17 Nov 2017 by SocialB
Digital Marketing Roundup

The latest news in the world of digital marketing has been summarised by the SocialB team! Catch up on the latest, like Instagram testing a new hashtag feature, changes to Google’s featured product, QR code-like feature on Pinterest and Black Friday.

Following Hashtags On Instagram Will Soon Be Possible

So far you’ve been able to follow accounts you like and are interested in but if you’ve used Instagram recently you might have noticed a new option that makes it easier to follow other things you have an interest in. The social media platform is testing out a feature that will allow you to follow hashtags which in turn would make it easier for you to find the content you like the most. The benefits are pretty simple, if you prefer a page full of adorable kittens but you don’t want to follow several accounts on Instagram, you can follow the hashtag #cutekittens instead to get more cute kittens appearing on your Instagram account. If you’re interested in something quite niche it can be hard to find a specific account that caters to it, however, by following that hashtag you’ll have access to those posts with ease.

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New Features Added to Google Featured Product Panels

Google has announced that it will be rolling out an expanded version of the shopping knowledge panel, giving mobile users more detailed information when searching for products. The product knowledge panel looks a little different, with a blue banner and clickable tabs to access more information about products, such as details, reviews and stores. The new panel also shows shopping ads, photo and video content, third-party reviews and ratings. User reviews are collected from a variety of different sources online and editorial reviews are pulled via Google’s algorithm. The announcement comes just in time for Christmas as Google looks to compete with the likes of Amazon and other big retailers in the search space. Google tweeted the GIF below on Tuesday showcasing the new look.

Pinterest Adds New QR Code-Like Feature For Businesses

Pinterest has built upon its QR code support by adding a new feature that allows businesses to create their own ‘Pincodes’; custom patterns users can scan using Pinterest’s built-in camera app to be sent to the company’s profile or board. These Pincodes can be featured anywhere (print ads, TV ads, etc.) and aim to drive more targeted traffic to boards and profiles on the mobile app. Some of the first brands to adopt these new Pincodes include Kraft, The Home Depot, Real Simple, and Nordstrom. These Pincodes are easily recognisable by their circular array of dots surrounding a central image of the brand’s choice, relevant to the marketing campaign at hand.

Study Suggests That UK Retailers Could Lose Black Friday Sales Due To Slow Site Speed

A new study had analysed leading retailer’s websites, including ASOS, Currys, and John Lewis, and found that 54% are suffering from ‘poor’ page speeds. The statistics, compiled by Visualsoft, were based on websites that took 9 seconds or more to load. 32% were rated ‘fair’, with taking around 6 to 8 seconds to fully load. Only 2% of online retailers rated as ‘excellent’!

This is not good news to hear before the behemoth of Black Friday looms ever closer. The study suggests that the retailers who were rated ‘poor’ could lose around 29% of their online retail sales due to the slow site speed alone. Ouch!

If you don’t think site speed matters, think again! Check out our blog ‘3 Reasons Website Speed Matters‘. And whilst you’re at it, if you’re not prepared for Black Friday, get started with our guide on Black Friday Planning!

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