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Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 23rd October

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 27 Oct 2017 by SocialB
Digital Marketing Roundup

We’ve rounded up the latest changes with Digital Marketing for you. Catch up with the latest from Twitter providing ad transparency, live streaming with your friends on Instagram, Bing launching a new maximise click bid strategy to The Advertising Standards Authority cracking down on Marine Simpson’s Snapchat.

Twitter To Provide Ad Transparency

Twitter has announced a major update to its advertising policy which aims to bring better transparency by allowing anyone to see more information about any advert that appears on the social network. It’s calling it the Advertising Transparency Centre which will launch in the next few weeks. The centre will include details on all ads running on Twitter, how long they’ve been running and the creatives associated with each ad. An interesting feature is also the ability for any user to see personalised information on what ads are currently targetted them.

The update has largely stemmed from last year’s US presidential campaign where there’s been a lot of speculation over the influence of social media in the outcome of the election. When it comes to political advertising on Twitter, information will now be available on exactly who has paid for the ad as well as the total amount of money that organisation has spent on Twitter. Find out more on the Twitter blog.

Live Stream With Your Friends On Instagram

Live streaming on Instagram has been out for less than a year and users around the world are using the feature on a daily basis, the feature has also been updated several times since the launch. As of June this year, users were able to save their streams with the option to add them in their stories for the next 24 hours. The social media platform is now taking a step further by letting you invite a friend to live-stream with you, it’ll be side by side. Once you’ve started a live stream and someone starts watching it, you can invite them to stream with you with just a few clicks on your screen. Once they’ve accepted, the screen will be divided between you, putting your stream on the top and your friend will be on the bottom. Your audience are then able to watch the both of you at the same time.

You can remove your friend from the live stream if you wanted to add someone else, this can be done at any time. Keep in mind that they are able to remove themselves as well, at any time. If you wanted to save the live stream, you’ll have the option to.


Bing Ads Launches New Maximise Clicks Bid Strategy

Akin to Google AdWords’ own ‘Maximize Bids’ bid strategy, Bing has released its own version for its paid advertising platform, with the aim to help search marketers use their budget more wisely depending on their goals. In order to make the most of this bid strategy, Bing recommends letting it run for at least 30 days to help its algorithm learn what actions lead to more clicks in order to maximise these findings moving forward. This strategy isn’t currently available for Shopping campaigns.

While AdWords is clearly miles ahead of the game in terms of bid strategies (such as Enhanced CPC, a strategy Bing Ads only took up in August 2016), Bing Ads is still arguably a valuable platform for advertising on, being the second most popular search engine in the world (at time of writing)

The Advertising Standards Authority Crack Down On Snapchat And Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson

Snapchat made the headlines this week over the blurred lines on advertising rules in Snapchat Stories. Back in June, Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother’s Marnie Simpson uploaded two images to her Snapchat Story featuring products from businesses she is known to have a relationship with – but, she did not label them clearly (or at all) with the required disclaimer, usually a hashtag such as #ad or #sponsored.

Snapchat Advertising Rules Marnie Simpson

Normally, the ASA orders that you take the offending post down immediately but it’s a tricky area for Snapchat as Stories automatically disappear after 24 hours – in this case, the ASA could not take any action. This is the first case of it’s kind for Snapchat but the ASA will certainly be keeping more of an eye on Story formats across social media.

“These might be our first Snapchat rulings but the principle behind them is as old as the hills – ads, wherever they appear, must be obviously identifiable as ads… It’s just not fair to expect people to play the detective, to work out the status of a tweet, post or story.” the authority’s chief executive, Guy Parker, told the BBC this week.

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