Digital Marketing Round-Up – W/C 6th November

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Snapchat Experiences Downtime And Leaves Thousands of Users Frustrated

On Tuesday, the popular selfie-snapping app Snapchat experienced server issues across various parts of Europe, leading to thousands of its users being unable to access their accounts, with many users losing their snapstreaks leaving them frustrated. Many Snapchat users took to Twitter to declare their outcry, with hashtags such as #snapchatdown and #snapchatnotworking trending exponentially.

Other social networks have experienced downtime recently, with Facebook being inaccessible for many US users this week and WhatsApp experiencing worldwide downtime last week. Many servers in Europe also experienced issues on Thursday, with many websites being affected. While 15-20 years ago, temporary downtime was a very common occurrence, today, people expect websites and apps to always be accessible, so any downtime for large social networks can lose the company thousands if not millions of dollars/pounds.


Facebook Admits Measurement Errors And Refunds Advertisers

This week, Facebook has admitted two measurement errors on its advertising platform and has refunded affected advertisers accordingly. This time, video ads were affected, with many advertisers paying for views that played off-screen, essentially out of view for the targeted users. There have been 10 other previous errors that Facebook have admitted to since September 2016; over 13 months of potentially inaccurate spending.

While this is, no doubt, frustrating for many Facebook advertisers, Facebook has been transparent about its miscomings and have refunded and worked to fix them accordingly.

OVH Experiences Power Outage Taking Down Thousands Of Websites With It

One of the largest web hosts in Europe experienced a massive power outage yesterday morning (8th Nov) which took down thousands of websites across Europe for a good couple of hours. Website owners and agencies (including ourselves!) experienced early morning panic attacks over the outage and from the lack of information over what the heck was going on! It was quickly dubbed #OVHGATE on Twitter…

All seems to be well and good now (fingers crossed) but the outage and the subsequent backlash can’t have been great for OVH, especially with many denouncing the company and offering up alternative site hosts, such as CloudFlare and Microsoft Azure. But you’ve got to hand it to their CEO, Octave Klaba, for tweeting personally about the subject and providing a statement away from the corporate facelessness of the company. Read his statement below. Were you affected by the OVH Power Outage?

OVHGATE Statement

Google Knowledge Panel Goes Live

To help further combat the rise of fake news, Google has added a ‘Knowledge Panel’ to its search results. This new section contains a host of information about the media outlet searched for, including its awards, subjects it writes about and claims it has made. While there is no way of controlling which publishers this panel appears for, Google has offered some advice to help qualify your website for it. And while it doesn’t affect rankings in any way, it could potentially be a valuable tool for verifying an outlet’s credibility in an age of fake news and webspam.

Moving forward, Google is likely to continue to push more of these kinds of updates out as website verification becomes more and more important.

Google Knowledge Panel

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