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Digital Marketing Round-up – W/C 9th October

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 13 Oct 2017 by SocialB
Digital Marketing Roundup

We’ve rounded up the latest changes with Digital Marketing for you. Catch up with the latest news from Twitter’s new feature called ‘Happening Now’, the updated daily budget on Google AdWords to Facebook releasing more info about upcoming Spaces platform.

Twitter’s Happening Feature Will Now Tell You What’s Happening…Now!

The Twitter timeline will be incorporated with a new feature which is called ‘Happening Now’ which is sitting at the top of the feed. Happening Now is a carousel of events that are currently happening in real-time. Once it’s been launched, it will mainly put the focus on various sports events, news and entertainment updated. If an event is interesting to you, you can click on it and you’ll be taken to a series of tweets about it. If the event was about sports it will include the latest score at the top of the display and relevant tweets can be found underneath.

The social media platform confirmed that the Happening Now suggestions are to each of the user’s interests, meaning there should be more hits than misses at the top of your timeline. If you want to see more about suggestions, you can click on the downward-facing arrow to learn more about why Twitter think you would be interested in a certain thing. If you aren’t convinced you can reject any of the suggestions they have given you and Twitter will do better next time.

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Google Updates Daily Budgets On Adwords

Google has rolled out a major update to Adwords budgeting which means that it can now spend up to 2 x your daily budget but rest assured, monthly spend will still remain the same as it will compensate with a lower daily spend on other days. That’s right, your daily spend could double on certain days but over course of the month, your spend will not be higher than your average daily budget x by 30.4 days. Google says the change will help customers ‘achieve advertising goals’ by showing ads and getting clicks and conversions at times when there is more traffic. It is important to highlight that advertisers will not pay more than their monthly charge limit because of the update, but may see daily spend higher on certain days.

This kind of automation has been going in the background for a while, but only at a rate of 20%. If you are running Adwords campaigns, this could make budgeting a bit more of a headache but as long as your daily budgets are calculated properly using Google’s average days in a month figure of 30.4 you won’t see a change in your monthly spend. You may see an accelerated performance from ads on certain days which will hopefully improve your ads performance. Read more about the update directly from Google to familiarise yourself with the change and avoid unnecessary panic when you see your daily spend!

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Facebook Release More Info About Its Upcoming Spaces Platform

On Wednesday, at the annual keynote, Facebook’s Oculus team revealed many new features that will be coming to Spaces; Facebook’s upcoming virtual reality social platform. One of the main new features allows users to share 3D virtual objects from Spaces to their Facebook news feed in a new post format called ‘3D Posts’, potentially helping raise awareness of VR and working towards Facebook’s goal of ‘1 billion people in virtual reality’.

While VR has, up to this point, been permanently ‘in the future’, if and when it does see widespread adoption, digital marketing is sure to change, with many new skills, challenges and opportunities arising. As Facebook push these features more on its main social media platform, the question now is will all these new features encourage more people to purchase and use VR headsets or will people prefer to stick to their smartphones?

Bing Launches Automated Bid Strategy To Ads To Maximise Clicks

Bing Ads are planning to roll out an automated bid strategy with the aim to maximise the number of clicks advertisers can receive within their budgets. This differs to their current Enhanced CPC Bid Strategy option that allows users to adjust bids up or down to focus on conversions. The Automated Bidding option will focus on clicks, with a max bid that will apply to all bids in the campaign. You’ll also be able to maintain manual bid controls for certain ad groups and/or keywords set to Maximise Clicks. Bing is recommending that you let the strategy run for 30 days or so to test it and let the algorithm catch up before making changes and tweaks.

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