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Similar Items Schema For Image Search

Google has announced a similar items schema for image search on mobile devices, the new search feature covers a small group of product types but this will expand in the coming months, Google confirms. On Google’s image search results on mobile and in the Android Search app, you can now see “similar items”, if you happen to be looking at lifestyle-type of images and click on the one you like, Google could be showing you additional products from places you can buy the item(s).

To make your products eligible for these image results, Product manager Julia E., announced that you need to use product metadata on your pages and


2017 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey Results

We have been eagerly awaiting the 2017 local search survey results for a little while now. The release of the results was also teased by local search expert, Greg Gifford at last week’s Brighton SEO conference. Well the wait is finally over and MOZ has released the full article over on their blog. A lot has changed in local search over the past months with Google My Business coming out of the spotlight and being replaced by user location and proximity. We can see the types of searches that users are performing via Google Analytics that they are looking for results local to them. Not their home address, but their physical location in real time. Make sure you check out the full results of the survey on MOZ.

Google Fact Check Goes Global

In October 2016, Google released their new search result Fact Checker. This useful feature provides the user with an insight into what is being claimed exactly, who claimed it, and what an authority source on the subject thinks.

As you can see in the example released by Google below: when you google ‘the world is flat’ on a mobile device, the top result shows an instant insight into the claim and a quick fact check from

This feature has now been rolled-out worldwide, so searchers all around the globe (pun unintended) can quickly and easily check facts, discover the original source, and come to their own conclusions given the evidence from the claimer, and the fact checker.


YouTube Cuts Off Adverts To Channels With Under 10K Views

In an attempt to crack down on pirated and extremist videos, YouTube announced this week that they are cutting advertising on channels with less than 10,000 viewers. The move is an attempt to stop people profiting from pirated content and violent content after YouTube failed to police their videos recently. Adverts from major brands, such as McDonalds and Tesco, were unintentionally appearing before videos promoting illegal activity, including acts of terrorism. Fearing they themselves were funding this content, many brands pulled their YouTube advertising completely in a giant boycott. Google publically apologised for the blunder and have since rolled the 10K rule out to kerb this kind of thing from happening again. As noted in the post above, Google has been trying to combat the rise in extremist views and ‘fake news’ appearing recently and, alongside employing staff to manually look for inappropriate content, they’re taking a big step in the right direction to tackle the issue of brands feeling safe.  Google are confident that “this new threshold gives us enough information to determine the validity of a channel.”



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