Digital Marketing Roundup – June 2019

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Digital Roundup

What Happened?

  • Google Is Making It Easier For SMBs To Use Its Products – read
  • LinkedIn Algorithm Modification – read
  • Branding Updates to Google My Business – read

Google Is Making It Easier For SMBs To Use Its Products

Google announced that it is launching new resources to help simplify its products for Small Businesses. Smaller businesses often miss out on the benefits of using Google products because they are too complex for those with limited experience of using the products.

Google For Small Business

To aid SMBs in the process of promotion, Google is launching a new website aiming to help small businesses get started with Google products. These include “personalised plans” based off a prompt questionnaire to make recommendations on which products they should use, helping them to either stand out online, reach more customers or work more efficiently. Something to keep an eye out for if you are a small business with limit time and resources.

LinkedIn Algorithm Change

LinkedIn has announced a major change to the algorithm that sorts your newsfeed. Gone are the days of Facebook-style motivational quotes and pet pics, as the social media giant ushers in a new focus on putting better conversations in front of its users.

Basically, they’re trying to make sure that you only get the good stuff on your feed, and don’t have to wade through the rubbish. Its mantra is “people you know, talking about things you care about”, after all. So, it’d be nice to see that become a reality.

LinkedIn were quick to quash any rumours of best practice techniques, stating that “the algorithm doesn’t favour any particular format”. However, it’s worth sticking to the rules of 3 hashtags maximum, and no more than 5 user tags. Otherwise, you just look a bit spammy.

In a move that mirrors Google’s shift of focus on to quality content, LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product, Pete Davies, says that “Authenticity is key. All the tips work out better when members talk about things they truly care about, in a way that’s natural for them. Genuine conversation around real experiences spark better and deeper conversation. Better conversation, in turn, leads to a stronger community and connection”.

So there you have it. If you want to feature on people’s feeds then be friendly, don’t get too spammy, and most importantly, be yourself.

Branding Updates to Google My Business

We love a Google My Business update and the latest branding announcement looks like a biggy. For SEO, a properly optimised Google My Business page is essential and something we would describe as a ‘low hanging fruit’. When we heard about additional branding tools we got excited. A new set of branding tools which allow businesses to improve their listing with the following new features are coming soon:

  • Add a logo – this will show a logo on the upper right-hand side of the profile – previously a logo image could be selected but not in the same format.
  • Cover photos – again businesses have always been able to add cover photos but you will now be able to select which one shows when the profile is displayed.
  • Dynamic photo module – a new carousel/slideshow unit with the ability to add captions.
  • Welcome offers – a tool to give new followers a discount or offer.

Another new feature will soon be rolled out to allow business owners to register a desired short name to help people find profiles. To get this feature to work you will need to have a verified profile which should avoid people collecting up names for additional businesses. Google is also going to start offering “Local Favourite” Badges for the top 5% of businesses in their chosen category. This could be a great little badge of authentification from potential customers. You can read more about the Google My Business Update here.

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