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Digital Marketing Roundup – w/c 12th November

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 16 Nov 2018 by SocialB
Digital Marketing Roundup

Here is this week’s roundup of digital news, from search engine updates to social media drama. We cover everything all in one convenient post every Friday!

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool Gets A Major Update

  • What data is in the updated tool? The new toolset breaks up the report into several categories including:
  • Field Data: This uses the Chrome User Experience report and shows you the First Contentful Paint (FCP) and the First Input Delay (FID).
  • Lab Data: Lighthouse analysis of the current page on an emulated mobile and plots metrics from that tool including First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, Time to Interactive, First Meaningful
  • Paint, First CPU Idle, Estimated Input Latency and then shows screenshots of how this is viewed.
  • Opportunities: Shows you ways to improve the performance of that specific page including the areas of issues and how much they are slowing down your page.
  • Diagnostics: This gives you a report on the performance of your application for things like caching, DOM size, payloads, JavaScript and much more.
  • Audit: Then the report shows you how well you did on various audits including Minify JavaScript, CSS, redirects and so much more

This is a major update and we would suggest all marketers run through your websites in order to improve your website’s page speed.

Google Launches New Web Development Portal

The new portal helps web developers build modern websites by measuring site performance as well as compliance with standards. It will check how well your website complies with accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO and best practices.

In the portal, you can run an audit against your website and see how it scores against benchmark performance. The categories measured are:

  • Performance: Metrics like time lags for interactions are measured in this section.
  • PWA: How your page is assessed against the Progressive Web App Checklist.
  • SEO: Is your website meeting with the best practices for it to be discovered on search engines.
  • Best Practices: Examines from image size ratio’s to whether your site is secure (HTTPS).
  • Accessibility: Looking at if there is anything preventing users from accessing the content on your website.

This new portal will help developers see areas that need improving on a website to get the best results from it; by fixing any issues your website is more likely to rank better and be seen more in searches.

Facebook Accused of Dark PR

Facebook has landed itself in hot water again, this time it’s come under scathing attack from the New York Times. The newspaper has published an account of the methods Facebook and a PR firm used to “deny and deflect” criticism.

The New York Times report claimed Facebook:

  • urged reporters to investigate whether there were financial links between billionaire George Soros, a prominent philanthropist, and an anti-Facebook movement
  • tried to discredit anti-Facebook protesters as anti-Semitic
  • ordered the publication of derogatory articles about rivals
  • watered down posts about Russian election interference and was slow to act
  • considered dragging rival companies into its controversies

TV Ad Spend Plummets this Christmas in Favour of Online Media

UK Christmas TV ad spending is projected to fall by as much as £44million this year, from £1.48bn to around £1.43bn.

A report by the Advertising Association and Warc indicate that advertisers are reallocating this spend towards online media as part of a reassessment of priorities, with Facebook, Google and YouTube proving to be the principle beneficiaries. Digital media spend is expected to increase by £90million, or 12%.

On the other hand, digital media spend is projected to rise by 12% over the Christmas period to £3.5bn, an increase of £90m from last year.

Linkedin Rolls Out Content Suggestions Tab

LinkedIn has started to roll out a new feature for businesses pages to help source and share content that is relevant to their target audience. The Content Suggestion tool lets you search by Industry, Location and Job Seniority and will return a list of relevant content and the engagement rate of that content. It will also let you break it down further by overall Linkedin Users, Page Followers and even Employees.  It’s a great tool for anyone who publishes third-party content on their company page and will let businesses find content with engagement data to prove that their interest from their target audience.

Linkedin Content Suggestion Tool

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