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Digital Marketing Roundup – w/c 19th November

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 23 Nov 2018 by SocialB
Digital Marketing Roundup

Here is this week’s roundup of digital news, from search engine updates to social media drama. We cover everything all in one convenient post every Friday!

Google Launches Special Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals Ad Extensions

To help retail advertisers increase their exposure for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year, Google has launched a new experiment with promotion extensions in Google Ads.

Now through to Nov. 27,  Google may serve a specific Black Friday promotion ad format when people search for the following Black Friday and Cyber Monday related keywords and their variations: “black friday deals”, “black friday <product name> deals”, “black friday <company name> deals” and their variants.


It’s pretty easy to get in on this experiment. What’s less easy is guaranteeing your promotion will display in the list. There are really just two steps to getting started.

First, add promotion extensions under the Black Friday or Cyber Monday labels in the Google Ads interface.

Then, create ad groups to target the Black Friday or Cyber Monday keywords listed above and include relevant ad copy.

Bing Ads Now Supports 3rd Headline, 2nd Description In Text Ads

Google added an optional third headline and second description line for expanded text ads in August. Now, just ahead of the holiday madness, advertisers can import those same ads into Bing Ads, or create new ones.

Some things to note about this new update are:

  • With this format, each of the headlines can be up to 30 characters long (up from 25) and the descriptions can each be as long as 90 characters (up from 80).
  • The ad copy appears the order in which you write the headlines and descriptions.

Google Adds Event Listings And Detail Filters To Google Search Console Performance Report

Google has added compare or filter rich results, AMP non-rich results, AMP article, job listings, job details and web light results in the new search console search performance report. As featured snippets become a larger part of SEO strategies, information like this will become essential (especially when straight from the horse’s mouth).

Facebook Appeals Against £500k Cambridge Analytica Fine

Facebook has lodged an appeal against a fine imposed by the UK Informational Commissioner (ICO) for its role in the scandal, stating the breach did not affect any UK Facebook users.

Having been issued the penalty last month, the tech giant is disputing it on the basis that the UK data watchdog’s investigation into its business found no evidence that data from UK users, harvested by Dr Aleksandr Kogan, was among the 87 million profiles harvested for political gain.

The ICO have acknowledged the appeal but not yet publicly commented.

LinkedIn Adds Stories

This week LinkedIn has slowly been rolling out their own stories feature. Although this is only accessible to those living in America.

Some users love it but others aren’t happy as the average user hasn’t asked for the feature and believe it will take the platform away from being as effective and professional.

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