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Digital Marketing Roundup – W/C 10th July

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 14 Jul 2017 by SocialB
Digital Marketing Roundup

Have you missed out on this week’s changes and news that have happened within Digital Marketing? As we do every week, we’ve summed up the most important things you should know about including many e-commerce websites imitating Amazon’s Prime Day, a new way to respond to Instagram stories, videos can now be seen in Google’s image and Bing adds a new featured snippet.

Amazon Sees Many E-commerce Websites Imitate Prime Day

One of the biggest days for Amazon is its annual Prime Day – a day of sales across Amazon’s website for a huge range of products, akin to Black Friday, but for prime members only.

Notable examples include:

  • eBay – The marketplace giant featured text reading ‘Their Prime Day Is Our Everyday Deal’ and a list of various products along with the tagline ‘Price matching. Free Shipping. No membership, just smiles.’ – a blatant stab at Amazon’s prime membership.
  • Toys ‘R’ Us – The child-friendly retailer took the opportunity to promote their ‘biggest sitewide sale of the year’ on the same day as prime day. They offered 20% off all items online for 36 hours, while Amazon ran theirs for only 30 hours.
  • Macy’s – This popular online fashion retailer promoted an early ‘Black Friday in July’ campaign where all of their shoes, clothing and accessories saw a 25% discount for 1 day online.
  • Best Buy – Last year this online department store ran a campaign similar to eBay’s where they featured ‘no membership required’ on their homepage. This year, they’ve decided to tone it down a bit and just feature the words ‘BIG DEAL DAY’ on their homepage and a link to various deals across their website.
  • Google Even the search giant (very subtly) jumped on the bandwagon; promoting its new Google Home device by offering a temporary discount.

Amazon Prime Day

New Way To Respond To Instagram Stories

The ability to reply to Instagram stories with either a photo or video, from selfies to boomerangs will be possible according to Instagram’s news announcement. In the announcement it was said to be an even more fun and playful way to respond and interact with friends. To use the latest feature, tap the new camera button when you are watching an Instagram Story. Any creative tools in the camera can be used which includes face filters, stickers and Rewind. When replying, you can also include a sticker of the original Story which can be moved around and resized.

If you receive one of these responses, they will be in your Instagram inbox. BY tapping on it, you’ll be able to see not only the response, you’ll also see the sticker of the original story which would only be available to you. Your friends will be notified when you’ve either replayed their reply or taken a screenshot of it.

This isn’t the biggest update from the Facebook owned social media platform, however, Instagram are ensuring they’re staying relevant and playful with these smaller updates as well. Learn more about it on Digital Trends.

instagrams latest feature include replying to instgram stories with videos or pictures

Google Includes Video in Image Search Results

Thanks to a new update it is now possible to show videos in Google’s image search results on mobile. To make this work you will need to work with structured data markup on your video content, giving the option to include information such as description, thumbnail URL, upload date, and duration. This update opens up more possibilities for getting your videos seen on Google’s search network. Google have updated their guide on structured data markup to include video. Google say they will use the markup data in carousels and to display video rich results in image search on mobile devices.

Bing Adds New ‘Popular Content’ Featured Snippet

Bing have added a new feature to their search results which now shows images and pages that are popular on your website. The snippet works in a carousel format, pulling images, sections or text to entice the user to click through to find what they want. It’s similar to the typical sitelinks feature that we are used to, in that its aim is to take you to relevant or more important pages on your site and provide more snippets of information to the user. However, looking at the screenshot below, it all feels like a bit of overkill? Once all the snippets are combined, it ends up looking like rather a lot for one search result. But we’ll see how this feature pans out over the next few months as brands start to experiment with the feature.

Bing Popular Content Snippet

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